5 of the Worst Excuses for Failure

2313 Inc Excuses

Flickr CC via Merlijn Hoek

Many employees always have an excuse ready when things don’t go their way. No one likes to admit that they have failed when things get rough. We turn to defensive measures to make sure that people know it was out of our hands with negative outcome. 2313 Inc. believes that identifying excuse making is the best way to learn how to take responsibility. Managers do not want their employees to give excuses. They look for team players that are willing to take responsibility and strive to do better. These are 5 of the worst excuses for not reaching your goals.

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“I’m trying my best.”

Everyone likes to say this but it’s usually not true.. By admitting you’re trying your very best, you put a cap on your potential. If you feel like you’ve reached the top of your abilities, it’s just a breaking point that can be overtaken with the right mindset. You can always be a better employee; striving to be great will take you to places you never knew you could reach.

“I just haven’t been myself lately.”

This is an excuse to never use. Most people that say this are just feeling lazy or unmotivated. Use this idea to become the self you’ve always wanted to be. We all go through phases where we may not be at our best, but that shouldn’t stop our capabilities. Look at why you have felt this way, and work toward fixing it.

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“It wasn’t my fault.”

No one likes to own up to his or her mistakes, so blaming it on someone else is usually our first though. Although it may be true, always be willing to admit that you accept responsibility. We can’t control the things that happen to us, especially when outside factors take part. However, we can show that we are willing to accept responsibility and do better next time.

“There’s too many people better than me.”

It’s common for those that have more knowledge or accomplished more things to intimate us. Never admit that your competition is better than you. They have done more things, or have more experience, but we can always showcase who has what it takes to succeed.

“That’s outside of my abilities.”

Whenever we lose sight of what we’re familiar with, we begin to get defensive. Our comfort zone is a nice and cozy place, but there is no room to grow. By taking some chances and doing things you’ve never done, you can find new things about yourself. You may even get better results than if you didn’t at least try.


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