Tips to Handle Being Overwhelmed at Work


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It’s common practice for salespeople and business professionals to get overwhelmed at work. The way this industry works requires attention to many different tasks, and it can be easy to find yourself focusing on too many to handle. Working hard should never be confused with overworking, especially when it affects our health. Here are a few tips to follow that will make being overwhelmed at work much easier to get through.


We’ve all been there. We sign our name up to get a lot of tasks done and it turns out to be too much work. Prioritizing these tasks is a great way to make sure you get the things done that need to get done. If you have any tasks with strict deadlines, be sure to do those first. Prioritizing is a simple step, but definitely one that we tend to forget.

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If you continue to work for hours on end, you’re going to end up exhausting yourself. After doing a solid amount of work, don’t feel guilty taking a small real. Going outside for a walk, or even the water fountain to cool down will do a lot of help for your brain to calm down. Just remember to breathe, and that you will get through this.

Outsource Tasks

You should never feel like you are on your own. If you have a few things that someone else is capable of doing, feel comfortable asking them for help. Most times there are people that understand that you are swamped and will want to help. If you’re a person that finds it hard to ask for help, it would be important to start practicing, especially when you’re swamped.

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Never lose confidence in yourself and say that you will ‘never get it done.’ Believing in yourself can do wonders; it will boost your mood while also helping to strengthen the hard-working in yourself. Confidence is key in many different areas of the business world. When we’re overwhelmed, remember the things you’ve done before and what got you here to this point

Realize You Have a Life Outside of Work

Work is an important part of our lives, but it’s not everything. Employers know that work is just a small aspect of what you represent. If you find yourself too overwhelmed to get everything done, it won’t be the end of the world. Calm yourself down by telling yourself that work is not what defines you.


Are you being held back?

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There are times when we all have been held back. If not by virtue of our own fears then by circumstances or people that have sought to control our every move. In these moments it is hard  to recognize that we still have choices.

I recently took on a new client who has allowed me to tell her story. I will call her June. She is a young woman who was formerly a recruiter. She was one of their top performers but got burnt out. The company she worked for only paid her commissions based on the people she placed. Every month they would increase the amount she had to produce. Eventually, the pressure just became too much for her to handle. She was bringing in more business than ever and her commissions were getting smaller as the company tried to increase its profit margin.

About three months ago June…

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What to do When You Get Discouraged

2313 Inc Discouraged

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Everyone gets discouraged from time to time. Whether you are looking for a new job, working on improving performance at work, or winning over new clients, all professionals and entrepreneurs find themselves in a time where nothing seems to be working.  We put hours into projects a day and little results return.  Success is not out of reach, however, and it is important not to beat that feeling of discouragement.  Follow these steps to turn your luck around.

Stop what you are doing.  Clearly your current strategy isn’t working.  Look at your process and think about what you can change.  Do you need to focus on a different demographic? Does your messaging need to connect better to your audience? Is your form letter too generic?  Ask yourself what part of your efforts are not selling.

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Write a list of two hundred ideas.  This is an exercise that will get your brain thinking in a new direction.  Whether the ideas are good ideas is irrelevant, the purpose is break out of old habits by digging deep.  Ask yourself, what are two hundred new things I can try to promote myself or my business?  Start by things that have worked in the past, but really stretch your imagine and write down the wildest, ridiculous things that come to mind.

Reach out to your network.  Write a personal email to all of your acquaintances and let them know what you are up to.  Offer to buy them a cup of coffee and ask if there is anything they are working on that you can help with.  Asking for advice or calling in a favor is always a good idea when you are feeling stuck.

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Last but not least, try just taking a break and letting things lie.  Sometimes the seeds you plant take a little longer than you expect.  Stop stressing out about not getting a response right away, and work on refining a personal project or a different area of work instead.  Better yet, take a vacation and come back to work with a clear and refreshed mind.

The Importance of Giving Back & Business

2313 Inc Giving Back

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The way the public sees a company can make or break a business. Corporations as of late get a bad rap due to the numerous ones that do shady things. By incorporating charities and giving back into a business model, customers will have a better time feeling comfortable with doing business with you. Clients and customers much prefer working with a business that supports giving back to the community.

Grow a Good Reputation

Everybody cares about their reputation, especially when anything can be looked up online. Working with a charity increases awareness through media coverage, and can get new clients to take a look at your company. Doing good things for others can also do good things for a company; this is a win-win combination. Sharing your experience with pictures and videos on social media will also increase awareness about your good work.

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Attract New Employees

The age group of new employees tends to focus on working for a company that cares about giving back.  Companies that recognize their employees’ charitable desires tend to well. Getting involved with doing well in the world will motivate employees, and be proud to work for such a company.

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Charity work can also give your business an opportunity to network with more people, and attract new clients and customers. When hosting events, the people you work with that are involved in charity could recommend you to others. Charities and non-profits are always welcome to working with a company that is socially aware and willing to help. There isn’t a reason to miss this type of opportunity.

There’s nothing better than knowing that something that can improve your business can also improve the world as a whole.