The Importance of Giving Back & Business

2313 Inc Giving Back

Flickr CC via Merrimack College

2313 Inc. is devoted to client acquisition and customer satisfaction.

The way the public sees a company can make or break a business. Corporations as of late get a bad rap due to the numerous ones that do shady things. By incorporating charities and giving back into a business model, customers will have a better time feeling comfortable with doing business with you. Clients and customers much prefer working with a business that supports giving back to the community.

Grow a Good Reputation

Everybody cares about their reputation, especially when anything can be looked up online. Working with a charity increases awareness through media coverage, and can get new clients to take a look at your company. Doing good things for others can also do good things for a company; this is a win-win combination. Sharing your experience with pictures and videos on social media will also increase awareness about your good work.

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Attract New Employees

The age group of new employees tends to focus on working for a company that cares about giving back.  Companies that recognize their employees’ charitable desires tend to well. Getting involved with doing well in the world will motivate employees, and be proud to work for such a company.

Looking for employment? 2313 Inc.’s CareerBuilder page has job openings that are looking to get filled.


Charity work can also give your business an opportunity to network with more people, and attract new clients and customers. When hosting events, the people you work with that are involved in charity could recommend you to others. Charities and non-profits are always welcome to working with a company that is socially aware and willing to help. There isn’t a reason to miss this type of opportunity.

There’s nothing better than knowing that something that can improve your business can also improve the world as a whole.


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