What to do When You Get Discouraged

2313 Inc Discouraged

Flickr CC via Neil. Moralee

2313 Inc. is a business consulting and sales firm, located in Farmington Hills, MI.

Everyone gets discouraged from time to time. Whether you are looking for a new job, working on improving performance at work, or winning over new clients, all professionals and entrepreneurs find themselves in a time where nothing seems to be working.  We put hours into projects a day and little results return.  Success is not out of reach, however, and it is important not to beat that feeling of discouragement.  Follow these steps to turn your luck around.

Stop what you are doing.  Clearly your current strategy isn’t working.  Look at your process and think about what you can change.  Do you need to focus on a different demographic? Does your messaging need to connect better to your audience? Is your form letter too generic?  Ask yourself what part of your efforts are not selling.

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Write a list of two hundred ideas.  This is an exercise that will get your brain thinking in a new direction.  Whether the ideas are good ideas is irrelevant, the purpose is break out of old habits by digging deep.  Ask yourself, what are two hundred new things I can try to promote myself or my business?  Start by things that have worked in the past, but really stretch your imagine and write down the wildest, ridiculous things that come to mind.

Reach out to your network.  Write a personal email to all of your acquaintances and let them know what you are up to.  Offer to buy them a cup of coffee and ask if there is anything they are working on that you can help with.  Asking for advice or calling in a favor is always a good idea when you are feeling stuck.

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Last but not least, try just taking a break and letting things lie.  Sometimes the seeds you plant take a little longer than you expect.  Stop stressing out about not getting a response right away, and work on refining a personal project or a different area of work instead.  Better yet, take a vacation and come back to work with a clear and refreshed mind.


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