Are you being held back?

Jacqui Senn

People holding a doctor's prescription ask for medicine after receiving free treatment during an event organized by the Amnesty International in Nuwakot

There are times when we all have been held back. If not by virtue of our own fears then by circumstances or people that have sought to control our every move. In these moments it is hard  to recognize that we still have choices.

I recently took on a new client who has allowed me to tell her story. I will call her June. She is a young woman who was formerly a recruiter. She was one of their top performers but got burnt out. The company she worked for only paid her commissions based on the people she placed. Every month they would increase the amount she had to produce. Eventually, the pressure just became too much for her to handle. She was bringing in more business than ever and her commissions were getting smaller as the company tried to increase its profit margin.

About three months ago June…

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