Gaining Client Trust


Flickr CC via Cabinet Office

There’s no real benefit of having a client if they don’t trust you – and as a professional, it is your job to gain and build your client’s trust. Once you make the sale, that doesn’t mean that your relationship with the client is over—actually, far from it. Here are some tips from 2313 Inc to gain and maintain your client’s trust even after a deal has been struck:

Keep Your Word

Whenever you promise a product or service, make sure you deliver 100%. If you say you’ll have their shipment to them by Monday, make sure it is there by Monday. There isn’t a quicker way to lose a client’s trust than to not follow through on your word.

Ask Questions

While it may not be in your job description to ask a client about his or her day or how their loved ones are doing, it does help build relationships. If you ask about their child’s soccer game the next time you see them, then your client will see that you care enough to remember specifics about them. If you don’t think you’ll remember these small things, write them down.

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Go Above and Beyond

If possible, do something that goes above and beyond the normal call of duty. If you exceed client expectations, you’ll gain a competitive advantage as well as their trust.

Listen to What They Want

Actually listening to what the client wants will not only help gain their trust, but you may also find a new way to help them! Maybe they think they want one thing, but after listening to them, you realize a whole different product would benefit them even more.

How do you help build trust with your clients?