5 Ways to Master Persuasion


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Developing persuasion along with sales skills is a must. Persuasion is defined as the process of changing a person’s view toward an idea. Being able to persuade well allows you to get clients listening, and seal the deal. Here are a few steps to being a master of persuasion, and applying those skills to business:

1. Recognize Differences in People: Never stick to a script every time you speak to a different client. Make every conversation both fresh and interesting, while also unique. Demonstrate that you are similar to the client, and would want a similar deal if it were being offered to you. Strive to be likable while being respectful.

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2. Turn Concerns Into Strengths: Any time a client comes to you with a problem they are having, turn that into your advantage. You are the problem solver. Focus on demonstrating how you can help, and their problems will become your answers. This is key to becoming an excellent business professional: having an answer for anything a client may need.

3. Make the Most of Recommendations: Clients are comfortable when they know that other people have trusted you with their business. Utilize endorsements and testimonials about your business. This will lead to more trust, and build a great reputation for your business.

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4. Keep Things Moving Fast: Make it clear from the get-go that this deal will not be around forever. If a client thinks that it’s always available, they may wait a while to cash in on it. Make it clear that the customer needs to act fast, and you will persuade them with ease.

5. Talk Like A Friend: Speak to clients in a casual way, while still staying professional. Don’t use any fancy sales language to impress them. Stay comfortable and focused; if you sound relaxed and calm, so will the client.


How to Achieve the Perfect Work-Life Balance


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If you feel that it can be a struggle to keep up with the demands of your work and home life, you are not the only one. Achieving the perfect work-life balance can sometimes seem impossible, and we here at 2313 Inc know that. Research by Accenture found that for more than half of all men and women polled, work-life balance is the key determiner for whether they have a successful career or not. The majority of people in this study also noted that this work-life balance is even more important than money. Many people believe that this balance is possible; here are a few tips to get you started:

Draw the Line

There may be some times where a 50-hour week is going to happen, but this shouldn’t be the norm. Know where to draw the line and just say no; it’s up for you to decide what is important and what can wait. Ask yourself what the most important thing for you to do right now is, and do that. So many people feel that everything is important, so they end up staying at the office well after hours. Similarly, if a co-worker is constantly asking for help, it’s important to draw the line and set boundaries for them as well.

Incorporate Downtime into Your Schedule

When you are planning out the week, be sure to schedule time to relax, workout, spend time with family or friends, and other calming activities. If your week is filled up with only work things, then it will be hard to find that precious free time that so quickly gets lost in the hustle and bustle of work.

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Get Rid of Time-Wasting Activities

Is there a half hour meeting at work that could easily be cut down or conducted through email instead of in person? Look through your weekly activities and see what can be cut out or shortened. You may even be able to leave work earlier if you make a conscious effort to limit your time chatting or perusing social media. Whatever it may be that is sucking up your time, get rid of it.

Talk with Your Boss

If there simply isn’t anything to cut out of your week, it may be time to talk to your boss. They may not be aware of the extra hours you are putting in every week, and can help take some of the load off of you by distributing tasks elsewhere. Communication with your boss is always important, but especially so when you start to feel overwhelmed.

Make Good Use of Your Time Outside of Work

If work is keeping you busy, make sure you are making good use of your time outside of the office. For example, instead of wasting your time browsing Facebook for an hour, plan out exactly what you want to do with your time. Maybe there is a new book you’ve been meaning to read, or a community yoga class you never seem to have time to attend. Whatever it may be, make sure your time outside of work is spent well.

5 Fun and Creative Team Bonding Ideas


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Team building doesn’t have to be something that employees dread or feel is “cheesy.” It’s important that employees learn to work well together, get to know one another, and feel they can count on each other. Try incorporating some of these activities into the workplace to help your team bond.

Lunch Discussions

Pick a day when everyone is free at lunch (no reports or meetings) and have a lunch discussions. Provide all employees who are participating with food from a local restaurant, and get everyone together in a room to chat. If your employees really don’t know each other, discussion topics or questions can be provided as well.

Work Book Clubs

Holding a work book club is a fun way for people to bond outside of the office. Ideally, the company would provide the book and a space for employees to meet once a month during lunch to discuss. Employees can take turns leading discussions every month.

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Sponsor Company Sports Leagues

Providing company sponsorship for sports teams or challenges for charities like 5Ks or fun runs are a great way for employees to bond and stay healthy.

Lunch and Learns

Lunch and Learn activities are when an outside speaker or an employee with an interest or particular knowledge meets with a group of employees to share information and their experience with it. These Lunch and Learns can be work related or about a particular hobby, and speakers are asked to make the session interactive to encourage team building.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is a simple icebreaker that doesn’t require a lot of time. Instead of making employees spend a whole day getting to know each other, set aside 30 minuets to play this game during an orientation or a happy hour event. Employees will have fun coming up with their two truths and a lie, and will also learn more about others.

5 Ways for Good Leaders to Become Great


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Being an entrepreneur means being a great leader. If you want to run an empire, then you can’t expect to go it alone – you have to lead and mentor your employees so they can help your business succeed in the long run. Even if you’re already a good leader, there are always things to improve on.

Become a great leader by always keeping these 5 things in mind:

Trust Your Employees Don’t micromanage your employees if they haven’t given you any reason to do so. If they always get their work done on time, trust that it will continue to happen. Checking in is always great, but when you become the boss that is micromanaging everyone, your employees won’t feel trusted or empowered at your company.

Let Your Employees Know It’s Okay to Disagree It is always good practice to hear a second and third opinion. Let your employees know that you value their opinions – and it’s okay for them to have a different one that yours. If you are presenting a new business plan and they have an idea, let them know they can voice it. Leaders let their employees share their input and feel heard. Even if you end up sticking to your guns, giving employees a chance to speak up is just good practice.

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Be Self-Confident – Or Fake It Till You Make It No one is going to look up to a leader that constantly doubts him or herself. Even if you mess up here or there, remember all that you have done. Focus on your long term and daily accomplishments. Feel proud of yourself, and you will inspire others to feel the same. And even when you’re feeling some doubts, put on a confident face.

Ask for Advice and Criticism If you don’t ask your employees for criticism, there is a good chance they won’t give it to you. It may be something small, but if an employee has a critique they’d like to share, it’s probably worth a listen. Chances are, they aren’t the only one that feels that way. Critiques won’t always be well-founded, but it’s always better to address them up front.

Keep Improving Some studies show that 1/3 of what it takes to be a good leader is what you were born with—but the other 2/3 is what you make of it. This means that self-improvement is always a good thing. Remembering your accomplishments, reading up on leadership books, and asking for advice are all good ways to do this.