5 Ways for Good Leaders to Become Great


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Being an entrepreneur means being a great leader. If you want to run an empire, then you can’t expect to go it alone – you have to lead and mentor your employees so they can help your business succeed in the long run. Even if you’re already a good leader, there are always things to improve on.

Become a great leader by always keeping these 5 things in mind:

Trust Your Employees Don’t micromanage your employees if they haven’t given you any reason to do so. If they always get their work done on time, trust that it will continue to happen. Checking in is always great, but when you become the boss that is micromanaging everyone, your employees won’t feel trusted or empowered at your company.

Let Your Employees Know It’s Okay to Disagree It is always good practice to hear a second and third opinion. Let your employees know that you value their opinions – and it’s okay for them to have a different one that yours. If you are presenting a new business plan and they have an idea, let them know they can voice it. Leaders let their employees share their input and feel heard. Even if you end up sticking to your guns, giving employees a chance to speak up is just good practice.

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Be Self-Confident – Or Fake It Till You Make It No one is going to look up to a leader that constantly doubts him or herself. Even if you mess up here or there, remember all that you have done. Focus on your long term and daily accomplishments. Feel proud of yourself, and you will inspire others to feel the same. And even when you’re feeling some doubts, put on a confident face.

Ask for Advice and Criticism If you don’t ask your employees for criticism, there is a good chance they won’t give it to you. It may be something small, but if an employee has a critique they’d like to share, it’s probably worth a listen. Chances are, they aren’t the only one that feels that way. Critiques won’t always be well-founded, but it’s always better to address them up front.

Keep Improving Some studies show that 1/3 of what it takes to be a good leader is what you were born with—but the other 2/3 is what you make of it. This means that self-improvement is always a good thing. Remembering your accomplishments, reading up on leadership books, and asking for advice are all good ways to do this.


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