5 Ways to Master Persuasion


Flickr CC via alphadesigner

Developing persuasion along with sales skills is a must. Persuasion is defined as the process of changing a person’s view toward an idea. Being able to persuade well allows you to get clients listening, and seal the deal. Here are a few steps to being a master of persuasion, and applying those skills to business:

1. Recognize Differences in People: Never stick to a script every time you speak to a different client. Make every conversation both fresh and interesting, while also unique. Demonstrate that you are similar to the client, and would want a similar deal if it were being offered to you. Strive to be likable while being respectful.

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2. Turn Concerns Into Strengths: Any time a client comes to you with a problem they are having, turn that into your advantage. You are the problem solver. Focus on demonstrating how you can help, and their problems will become your answers. This is key to becoming an excellent business professional: having an answer for anything a client may need.

3. Make the Most of Recommendations: Clients are comfortable when they know that other people have trusted you with their business. Utilize endorsements and testimonials about your business. This will lead to more trust, and build a great reputation for your business.

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4. Keep Things Moving Fast: Make it clear from the get-go that this deal will not be around forever. If a client thinks that it’s always available, they may wait a while to cash in on it. Make it clear that the customer needs to act fast, and you will persuade them with ease.

5. Talk Like A Friend: Speak to clients in a casual way, while still staying professional. Don’t use any fancy sales language to impress them. Stay comfortable and focused; if you sound relaxed and calm, so will the client.


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