What’s Happening at 2313 Inc. – August 2014

2313 Inc. has a ton of great things happenings recently! Here are a few updates regarding the company:


2313 Inc. recently held a V.I.P. to Leader event in Farmington Hills, MI. Leaders were invited from offices in Chicago, Cleveland, and Washington D.C. To celebrate, leaders attended a Detroit Tigers game vs. the Colorado Rockies, as well as a golf outing on Saturday.

The Ladies went for a spa treatment!


Next week, we will be having a Toronto Leadership Seminar, where leaders from many different offices around the country will meet to train, work, and help make each other better leaders!

We have a Top Gun recruiter contest finishing up. Recruiters who contribute the most to the growth of 2313 Inc. over a seven month period will be flown to Southern California, and stay in a beautiful house in Laguna Beach! During the trip, recruiters will learn about personal development plays and time management from our Organization Development Manager, Stefanie.

“Top Gun is always a great time for leaders, and it brings in the best of the best trainers to grow,” said Ken Lear, Manager of 2313 Inc. “Every year has been a huge success, and this year will absolutely be a great time!”

2313 Inc. will also be doing some great activities at the beach: sunbathing, snorkeling, and paddle boarding. The trip will happen September 19th to 21st.

Learn more about 2313 Inc. at our website: http://www.2313inc.com/


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