5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Day of Work


Flickr CC via nomanson

Starting a new job can be exciting and nerve-wracking, but coming prepared and alert will only set you up for success. We all want to make a good first impression on everyone we meet so it’s important to be prepared. Avoiding these 5 common mistakes will help you thrive on your first day of work:

Not Getting Enough Sleep

There is nothing more unprofessional than constantly yawning throughout your first day of work. Chances are you will be training or working with someone throughout the entire day, and that person will see each and every yawn. Not only will a good night’s sleep prevent looking bored, it will keep you alert and professional.

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Not Paying Attention

While first days can be filled with boring technical information and learning a lot of new names, remember to pay attention and learn as much as possible. Try bringing a notebook on the first day to take notes in; doing so will give a good impression, and allow you to write down vital information.

Not Dressing Professionally Enough

Even if it is a fairly casual work environment, always dress appropriately and professionally on the first couple of days. Once there has been time to assess what everyone else is wearing, adjustments can be made from there. It’s good to stick with something classic and comfortable in order to make a strong first impression.

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Not Studying the Company

It is always good to go into your first day of work with some knowledge about the company. If there is a team page, learn the names of your new colleagues. Taking the time to learn about the company’s missions, values, and clients will better equip you for success in those initial weeks.

Not Asking Questions

Some people are too scared to ask questions on their first day, but it is much better to clarify something that is confusing than to simply hope you understood what was instructed of you. Questions also show that you are listening and eager to learn more. A lot of people feel lost on their first day of work, which is completely normal; ease into the newness by asking thoughtful, relevant questions.




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