Tips on Giving a Great Presentation


Flickr CC via W&M Swem Library

For a business professional, presentations can be both nerve-racking and terrifying. In order to get better, practice and preparation are key. Confidence and assurance can be a great ally when going up in front of a group of people for a presentation. Here are a few tips to make you confident in giving a presentation.

Confidence is Key

If you want to be able to be comfortable giving a presentation, confidence is required. If you can believe in yourself, then you’ve taken the first step to success. When you give yourself a chance to be great, others will surely admire your charisma. Be calm and confident as you walk to the front of the room. Others will notice it as well.

Don’t Be Nervous

Even the best sometimes get nervous before a big endeavor. Use this thought to get the upper hand on nerves. People give their best presentation when they’re nervous. Athletes, musicians, and even presidents surely get nervous before they have to go on stage. Be comfortable with yourself, and your nerves will subside once you start talking.

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Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re fully prepared, nothing will surprise you. Go through your presentation until you are sick of it. You will become comfortable reciting it, and when you have to give it to real people, you’ll know it front and back. The mirror method is a great way to master a presentation: give your presentation to the mirror and see how you do. This will help with body language as well as any habits that you may have that are distracting to the audience. Once you’re fully prepared, you’ll be comfortable and ready to take it on.

Trust Your Instincts

Have you ever improvised before? Many people who give presentations improvise on the spot. Trust your instincts: you are a professional that has prepared their whole life. You may find a funny joke or even an opportunity to get the audience’s attention. Don’t let it slip by. By trusting your instincts, you will find new ways to captivate, and deliver the best presentation you’ve ever given.