Dressing for Success in 2015


Fickr CC via BC Gov Photos

There are several reasons why it is highly recommended to dress for success in the workplace, from industry expectations to personal confidence.

There is a lot of psychology behind the “dress for success” phenomenon. According to chair of psychology at Ohio State University Richard Petty, “what we know form psychology is that what we wear can effect what [we] think.

“Psychologists call this an example of priming, and it’s just as simple as saying when I say ‘doctor’ you immediately think ‘nurse,’” Petty continues. “There are certain natural associations that we like; for example, we associate glasses with being smart.”

Simply put, the same phenomenon can occur with the clothes you wear. Not only can it influence the way that people look at you, but it can also make you feel more confident if you are fitting within the norms of your office culture or if you believe that you look really great. If your clothes make you feel great, your mood and attitude will improve as a result. Essentially, it’s a variant of the placebo effect that can increase your productivity.

It is important to note that different workplaces have different standards for dress codes. Therefore, dressing for success can mean different things in different offices and industries. It is also important to understand that part of being successful, as described above, is being comfortable and confident. As such, when choosing your wardrobe, choose something that makes you feel like you’re dressing for success—do what’s comfortable for you, personally.

For women

Check out Harper’s Bazaar to get inspiration for many stylish work outfits.

For men

Stylegirlfriend is a great resource where you can get inspiration and style advice. This website includes recommendations for entire outfits for work as well as for other situations. Conveniently, each of these outfits links to a place online where you can buy each of the individual pieces.

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