Making the Company Meeting Matter

2313 Inc Making the Company Meeting Fun

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Meetings can be one of the worst parts of your day if you’re not engaged with them. If they’re not productive, meetings can suck time out of the day and the life-force out of the employee. But that doesn’t mean we can simply do away with meetings altogether. Rather, we need to make our meetings better, faster, and more engaging. So how can we make one of work’s most boring necessities more productive?

Go Outside

Office life can be tough: lots of sitting, staring at a computer, perhaps next to a small window which only reminds you that life outside still exists. It’s a good idea to bring your workers back into the real world—physically! Fresh air and sunshine can be rejuvenating and relaxing. A simple change of scenery can do wonders.

Do Something Different

If your meetings are the exact same every time, everyone will be bored and probably tune out useful information. By bringing in a guest speaker, you can liven up meetings with some novelty. Get employees to think in new ways by allowing someone else to step in and speak to them. If you get great conversation going, you’re likely to get great debate and innovations.

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Make it Fun

Even though meetings are a part of life, they don’t have to be a snooze-fest. If you want your team to be enthusiastic and energetic, you need to exemplify those traits yourself. If employees see you in a good mood, they’ll pick it up themselves. Do name games; bring food (people will do anything for free food), acknowledge successes and good works; remind people why they’re there, what you hope to accomplish, and connect with your employees face-to-face.

Running a meeting isn’t always the most fun thing, either, but if you structure the meeting to move along at a brisk pace, keep an eye on the clock, incentivize participation, and connect with your workers, your next meeting might actually be fun.


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