2 Reasons You May Not Be Achieving Your Goals | 2313 Inc.

At 2313 Inc. in Farmington Hills, MI, there is a reason that we stress the importance of setting and achieving goals. The simple reason is that it’s one of the major keys to success.


Not all goals are achieved — and contrary to popular belief, the culprit isn’t always a lack of motivation. The process of effectively setting goals, tracking them, and following through is something that a lot of individuals have trouble with.

Fortunately, 2313 Inc. is here to give you 2 key reasons you may not be achieving your goals so you can change that — stat!

1. Your goals aren’t specific enough

Have you ever heard of SMART goals? If you have, you know that the S stands for specific!

Let’s say your goal is to bake a cake tonight. You don’t actually expect a perfect cake to pop right out of the oven without taking specific steps and using specific ingredients, right? The same goes for goals!


Let’s use a career-related example. If you say, “My goal is to get promoted,” and just leave it there — chances are, you won’t get promoted. Instead, get specific by asking yourself questions like these:

  • What specific position do I want to attain?
  • What skills do I need to attain in order to get there?
  • How can I build these skills?
  • What specific targets much I reach?
  • Why is it important to me to earn this promotion?
  • How can I make the best use of the resources around me in order to achieve this goal?

As anyone at 2313 Inc. will tell you from experience, thinking through the small details is an important exercise that will set your goals in motion.

2. You aren’t putting pen to paper

Study after study has demonstrated a correlation between writing down your goals and achieving them. It’s not enough to just have them in your head. Writing down your goals not only forces you to think through the specifics, but increases your level of commitment.


Believe it or not, at 2313 Inc., writing down our goals and sharing them with each other is part of our weekly (and sometimes daily) routines! Doing so has been a major factor in our success over the years.

Get a bullet journal or set up a spreadsheet for your goals. Write down your short-, mid-, and long-term goals. Keep a record of your progress so you can hold yourself accountable.

Try it for yourself and let us know how it goes! Sending you goal-crushing vibes from all of us at 2313 Inc.!