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What’s So Special About Brad Stevens? 2313 Inc. Has 3 Answers

giphy4Everyone knows we’re big Pistons fans here at 2313 Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI), but it’s also no secret that we admire coaches who are the real deal. The Boston Celtics are currently leading the Cleveland Cavaliers 3-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals and with a victory in Cleveland tonight, the Celtics could advance to the NBA finals to face off against the winner of the Rockets-Warriors series.

At the beginning of the year, the Celtics were projected to be a powerhouse. Rookies Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown were supposed to be effective supplements to newly acquired superstars Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving; however, with less than 7 minutes left in the first quarter of opening night, Hayward suffered a gruesome ankle injury. After Kyrie Irving ended up having to have a second knee surgery—placing him on the bench for 4 to 5 months and missing the postseason—the Celtic’s season looked toast.

A coach — a truly great coach — doesn’t need a bench packed with superstars to take their team to the finals, though. Not Brad Stevens, anyway. With his juggernauts on the bench, he had to figure out how to utilize a young and inexperienced team, play to their strengths and weaknesses, and put each player in a position that best suited them for success.

Why is Brad Stevens such a special coach? 2313 Inc. has 3 reasons why!

1. Failing as a Player Helped Him Succeed as a Coach


During his time playing basketball at Depauw University, Brad Stevens made the all-conference team multiple times and was a 3 time Academic All-America nominee, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. In an article with SB Nation, Stevens said:

“The term I’ve heard is shot amnesia, the last one doesn’t go in, you’ve got to be able to move on to the next one. I was never a guy that could do that. I got better as my career went on, but if anyone said anything to me about it, or I thought about it more, especially in the middle of a game, I wasn’t tough enough mentally to handle that. The greatest thing for helping me learn to coach was failing as a player.”

2. He’s a Coach That his Players Want to Play For


Marcus Smart, who was drafted 6th overall by the Celtics in the 2014, explains how a coach like Stevens can be so intelligent, unique, and motivating.

“Some of the plays he draws up, we kind of look at them like, ‘I don’t really know if this is going to work or not and when you do it, you’re like, ‘You know what, sorry I ever doubted you.’ When you have a coach like that, it’s fun to play for, and you want to go out there and give it everything you have.”

3. He Motivate His Team to be Fearless


With such a young squad taking on the king of kings in Lebron James, fear isn’t an option. Stevens believes in his teams, has truly made them believe in themselves, and has helped them realize their unlimited potential. Jaylen Brown, the 21 year old 2nd year rookie averaging 17.8 points per game in the postseason, explained it perfectly.

“Why should we limit ourselves? That’s my question. We’re young, we’re hungry, we’re good. No reason for any limits.”

A lot of us at 2313 Inc. will be tuning in tonight to see if this young Celtics team can finish the series in 6 tonight, and with a coach like Stevens, we wouldn’t be surprised at all!


5 Tips For a Superior Work Environment from a “Best and Brightest” Winner

2313 Inc Winner Poster Best and Brightest CompetitionAt 2313 Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI) our team comes first. We firmly believe that when our people are thriving, our clients thrive, and our company thrives as a result. Ever-focused on improvement and growth, we strive to create a great workplace for our staff in which they can learn, advance — and have fun while doing it.

Excitingly, 2313 Inc. was recognized yet again as a “Best and Brightest” company to work for, both locally in Detroit and nationally. The Best and Brightest annual competition honors companies for their outstanding human resources practices and exceptional commitment to their employees. This is the fourth consecutive year that our firm received this accolade.

2313 Inc.’s metrics were benchmarked against the average score of businesses in the region. Take a look at these 5 areas where 2313 Inc. excelled.

2313 Inc Team in California

1. Recruitment, Selection, and Orientation

Great employees are the bread and butter of any successful business and recruitment must be top-notch. Here at 2313 Inc., when it comes to recruiting, we are more interested in a person’s work ethic and attitude than their prior experience, per se. We strategically hire professionals who are up for a challenge and who love tackling audacious goals. We look for people who genuinely enjoy building relationships and interacting with new people. We recruit people who are internally competitive but team-oriented. And finally, 2313 Inc. hires people with great energy.


Joining a new company can be an overwhelming experience for even the most seasoned professional, so we make it our duty to ensure that our new team members are supported and prepared from the very beginning. All new hires are assigned a dedicated mentor to guide them through the orientation and training process.

Check out how 2313 Inc. scored in these areas:

2313 Inc Recruitment Selection Orientation

2. Employee Enrichment, Engagement and Retention

2313 Inc. is proud to share that we also scored highly in employee enrichment, engagement, and retention!

2313 Inc Employee Enrichment Engagement RetentionHow’d we do it?

Our number one tip in this area is to facilitate one-on-one collaboration between employees. Individualized coaching and relationship-building is one of the best ways to focus on the personal goals and development of each team member. At 2313 Inc., newer team members meet with accomplished leaders all the time. This not only drives retention, but it fosters a meaningful connection between our people and the work that they do.

2313 Inc Businessmen Having a One on One

3. Employee Education and Development

Pardon the humble brag, but this is one area where we had no doubt that we’d have every other company beat! At 2313 Inc., we teach leadership skills early and often to prepare our employees for their next steps. We ensure that each member of the team is actively developing both personally and professionally by providing coaching and training on a daily basis.

2313 Inc Employee Education Development

Even the finest and most expensive cars need oil changes and tuneups to stay zooming down the road and your company is no different. Devoting time and resources to career development is absolutely necessary to ensure that your team members are moving forward.

4. Employee Achievement and Recognition

Our team members at 2313 Inc. are directly responsible for our firm’s success… and they know it! We adamantly believe in recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance and we make sure that effort does not go unnoticed.

2313 Inc Employee Awards

In the category of employee achievement and recognition, we placed above average because we gladly give credit where credit is due and reward our people for their accomplishments. Thanks to a merit-based advancement and bonus structure, 2313 Inc. is a place where hard work always pays off.

2313 Inc Employee Achievement Recognition

5. Communication and Shared Vision

Effective communication is vital in families, relationships, and especially business. A team, in any capacity, works best when everybody is on the same page. Business isn’t a solo act—it takes an advanced level of cooperation, understanding, and transparency amongst a variety of people in a variety of roles to run smoothly.

At 2313 Inc., our executive team discusses company goals with all members of the team — not just those at a more ‘senior’ level. We consider it essential for our people to understand where we’re going as a company — and perhaps even more importantly, we want everyone to have input in those goals.

2313 Inc Team Business Trip

Check out how 2313 Inc. performed in this area:

2313 Inc Communication Shared Vision

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2313 Inc Best Brightest Company Work For

2 Things Not To Worry About If You’re A New Grad

We’re in the graduation spirit here at 2313 Inc. in Farmington Hills! We’ve been speaking with the most impressive soon-to-be-college-grads, and we’re blown away by how much talent is about to enter the workforce.


In getting to know all of our future team members, we’ve been inspired to share as much helpful advice as we can to help ease the transition between ending college and starting a first job. If you missed our last post on the subject, you can check it out here:  Graduating in May? 2313 Inc. Is Here To Tell You It’s Going To Be Okay.


We can’t emphasize it enough: it really is going to be okay.

If you’ve been worrying about these 2 things (we know you have!), 2313 Inc. is here to encourage you to let yourself off the hook!

1 – Having the perfect post-graduation life plan.

We’ve all had that friend who’s had their entire life figured out since elementary school. And in actuality, you probably know several people who’ve had their “dream job” lined up since their sophomore year internship.


If you’re still in the process of figuring out your own power moves, it’s okay! It’s difficult to know with certainty what you want to do with your life before you get out there and actually start doing it.

The smartest thing you can do is to just get out there. There is no “perfect career move.” The best thing you can do as a newbie to the workforce is gain as much experience as possible. As you start doing so, your next steps will become clearer and clearer.

2 – Paying for a chic apartment with a view.

We’ve all seen one too many reality shows that don’t actually exhibit realityso get that penthouse out of your mind. If you’re wondering how you’re going to manage paying for a luxury condo on an entry level budget — here’s the best answer we’ve got for you: don’t do this.


The absolute smartest thing that you can do with your money when you’re first launching your career is to start saving it. Living beyond your means is never smart, but this is particularly important to remember when you’re just getting going. Your first apartment after college doesn’t have to be luxurious — you can look forward to that stuff later.

Find a place that checks most of your boxes and that will keep your financial stress to a minimum. Then, set some goals about where you’d like to live after you’ve spent a year (or 5 years, or 10 years — you get the idea) making and saving money. There is zero doubt that you will thank yourself later.

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Graduating in May? 2313 Inc. Is Here To Tell You It’s Going To Be Okay.

College graduation is soon upon us, and all of us at 2313 Inc. are excitedly awaiting the arrival of our newest team members in May. As our new entry level associates are wrapping up their university days and preparing to launch their new careers here, we thought it would be apt to share a few words of wisdom that might be calming to all new grads.

Here are a few useful things to keep in mind if you’re having some pre-graduation jitters…


Graduating from college is an incredibly exciting life event — but there’s no doubt that it can also be a scary one. If you’re feeling that ending this chapter is very bitter-sweet, you’re not alone — most people feel this way!


Just because you’re entering the “real world,” it’s not all just working and paying bills. It’s very common to feel like the end of college also means the end of all the fun times. But actually, in many ways, it’s only the beginning! The great thing about becoming a working member of society is that you’ll have the funds for all of your fun! You can start making exciting life plans like saving up for that big vacation to Hawaii that you’ve always wanted to take with your friends.


You can also have fun in your day to day life. At 2313 Inc., for example, we’re all about the “work hard, play hard” mentality. When you’re surrounded by awesome people and work somewhere with a great corporate culture, you’ll be far less likely to miss college.

Laser tag, anyone? We love acting like big kids. Here’s a shot from a recent 2313 Inc. team get together!

It’s also worth reminding yourself that deep down inside, you crave structure. Most people do. While “carpe diem” can be exhilarating, it can also make your lifestyle kind of messy. When you graduate from college and start your first real job, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover how nice it feels to get into a healthy and stable routine. It feels great to go to bed at a reasonable time, start your day early, accomplish a whole bunch of things, take care of your body — and everything in between!

So get ready to start adulting and don’t worry.

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3 Lessons We Can Learn From the Career of Roger Federer

giphy52313 Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI) was just as surprised as anyone when Roger Federer won a record-breaking 8th Wimbledon title in 2017.

After his brutal 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 seasons, everyone thought that this Swiss tennis player was simply past his prime. However, Federer has since impressed all of us with his resilience.

So what can we learn from Roger Federer’s long and successful career?

1. Never become complacent.

Federer has never stopped learning new tricks and techniques. He was beaten and outcompeted by a number of younger tennis players between 2012 and 2017. But instead of bowing out and taking his legacy into retirement, Federer practiced, adapted, and learned. The result was one of the greatest sports comebacks in history.


2. You have to love the game.

You need to love what you do if you want to be a professional in anything. Whether it’s tennis or marketing, your passion truly makes the difference between mediocrity and greatness. When you watch Federer play, you can see that he has an immense love for his craft and his enthusiasm for the game of tennis. We can all learn from this because it is so incredibly important to find joy in what you do—just ask anyone at 2313 Inc.

3. Relentless preparation and thoughtful strategizing absolutely pay off.

The reason that Roger Federer’s return on the serve is so impressive is that he practices like a maniac. The average tennis serve comes in at over 100mph, which zips right by most players. Federer, however, is famous for his ability to return these lightning fast serves. Why? Because it’s what he focuses on.

Being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses is key. Federer knows that his fastest serves only reach about 130 mph. Other pros like Andy Roddick, for example, regularly serve over 140 mph and have a top serving speed of 155 mph. Federer knows that his strength does not lie in his serve, so he prepares by perfecting his return.


Keep reading the 2313 Inc. blog for more!

4 Reasons Great Teams Fail [A List to Avoid At All Costs]

2313-inc-best-brightest2313 Inc. is proud to be an award winning team. (If you haven’t heard our exciting news, we were recently named as a ‘Best and Brightest’ company to work for — for the 4th year in a row!). We’re made up of motivated, hardworking, talented individuals who have proven over and over again that they have what it takes to excel in our industry.

27067197_1340738062699256_5989851697761794129_nBut even the greatest of teams can fail when bad habits start to creep in. Winning requires a daily effort to keep your edges sharp. It also means actively avoiding some of the behaviors and characteristics of losing teams.

The 2313 Inc. team put our heads together and we came up with 4 mentalities to avoid — whether you’re a leader or member of a team.

1) Losing teams don’t take responsibility.

When a strong team loses, they know to learn from the experience so that they will do better in the future. When a weak team loses, they are quick to blame others and make excuses for their failure, never giving themselves the opportunity to assess the damage and figure out how to succeed the next time.

2) Losing teams don’t communicate effectively.

One of the biggest problems that losing teams seem to have in common is poor communication. Whether you’re a sports team or a sales team, constant and thorough communication is absolutely vital if you want to win. If the players on a team don’t know the plan, they’re more likely to trip over each other and make mistakes, which ultimately slows down progress and keeps them from scoring.

3) Losing teams aren’t willing to learn.

If you want to grow as a leader or professional, you have to always be willing to learn. The same goes for teams. When a team thinks that they know everything is when they are most likely to fail. In order to keep up with the competition, a team has to be committed to always becoming more knowledgeable.

4) Losing teams are selfish.

If your team wants people to support and help them, you have to be willing to support and help others first. Losing teams are so focused on their own success that they will often seek it to the detriment of others.

For more advice from 2313 Inc. on leadership, check out the other posts on our blog.

4 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About Money

At 2313 Inc., we firmly believe that you can never be too successful to gain new perspective. And whether you’re a millionaire mogul, a struggling startup owner, or anything in between, there is one thing that you should always be eager to learn a lesson or two about—money! That’s why we’ve gathered 4 of the best pieces of finance-related advice around, take a look!


1. “A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.”—Jonathan Swift

There is no shortage of examples of people who have been ruined by greed. Don’t allow selfishness or the desire for wealth to stand in the way of what’s really important in life. Perhaps take a page out of Ken’s book: “If you’re willing to give before you get — if you think of others before yourself — ultimately, you’ll be set up to have an amazing life.”

2. “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.”—Maya Angelou

There is a lot of wisdom in this quote. People who focus their lives on the pursuit of money will never be completely satisfied with their achievements. The best way to live a life of real fulfillment is to dedicate your time to doing what you love. Focus on becoming great at your craft and the money will follow.

3. “Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.”—Benjamin Franklin

You’ve probably heard another version of this quote before: “money can’t buy happiness.” And it’s true. Money in itself isn’t fulfilling, it’s what you can create, build, give, and do with it that matters. To lead a happy and successful life, try choosing goals in which money isn’t the end point but the vehicle.

4. “The best thing money can buy is financial freedom.”—Rob Berger

That’s right, it’s not the fancy cars, clothes, and houses. The most significant thing that money can buy is financial independence. Being able to make choices is a prize far greater than material goods.

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