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2313 Inc. is a sales and business consulting firm located in Farmington Hills, MI. We specialize in client retention and satisfaction as well as building entry-level employees into future managers.

2313 Inc. Attends Invigorating Seminar in Los Angeles

The top-performing members of 2313 Inc.’s management team just returned from a spectacular week of advanced business training in LA. They enjoyed the perfect combination of learning, networking, and socializing — and came away feeling as excited and empowered as ever.


2313 Inc. team members flew to the West Coast on Tuesday night. Wednesday centered around meetings with our client broker’s executive team. The group made plans for 2019 and discussed new ways to reinvest in our business. That evening, everyone got together for a catered dinner and some quality catch-up time.


The seminar, which was geared towards experienced managers, officially kicked off Thursday morning and was full steam ahead into Friday afternoon. A wide range of management-related subjects were covered in various break-out groups. One of 2313 Inc.’s team members remarked, “It was a great refresher!”


A focal point of Friday’s talks was the exploration of a useful management tool called the DISC Assessment. The acronym stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness. It provides an effective way to identify and understand one’s own behaviors, as well as those of one’s team members. 2313 Inc. and the other participants answered a series of questions to reveal their personality types. Then, they learned how to manage others more effectively by understanding their individual dispositions.


After the training, Ken, 2313 Inc.’s president commented, “We are building a unique business here. There are a lot of sales companies that drive revenue for Fortune 500 clients, but we will continue to differentiate ourselves by attracting the best people. Our focus needs to be on building strong connections with our team and giving them the chance to receive coaching, develop professionally, and ultimately thrive.”


All in all, it was a wonderful week filled with new knowledge, the strengthening of relationships, and good food. A managing partner of 2313 Inc. summarized the trip by saying the following: “We accomplished our goal – which was to get our best people around each other, to reward them, coach them, and give them the tools they need.”

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2 Reasons You May Not Be Achieving Your Goals | 2313 Inc.

At 2313 Inc. in Farmington Hills, MI, there is a reason that we stress the importance of setting and achieving goals. The simple reason is that it’s one of the major keys to success.


Not all goals are achieved — and contrary to popular belief, the culprit isn’t always a lack of motivation. The process of effectively setting goals, tracking them, and following through is something that a lot of individuals have trouble with.

Fortunately, 2313 Inc. is here to give you 2 key reasons you may not be achieving your goals so you can change that — stat!

1. Your goals aren’t specific enough

Have you ever heard of SMART goals? If you have, you know that the S stands for specific!

Let’s say your goal is to bake a cake tonight. You don’t actually expect a perfect cake to pop right out of the oven without taking specific steps and using specific ingredients, right? The same goes for goals!


Let’s use a career-related example. If you say, “My goal is to get promoted,” and just leave it there — chances are, you won’t get promoted. Instead, get specific by asking yourself questions like these:

  • What specific position do I want to attain?
  • What skills do I need to attain in order to get there?
  • How can I build these skills?
  • What specific targets much I reach?
  • Why is it important to me to earn this promotion?
  • How can I make the best use of the resources around me in order to achieve this goal?

As anyone at 2313 Inc. will tell you from experience, thinking through the small details is an important exercise that will set your goals in motion.

2. You aren’t putting pen to paper

Study after study has demonstrated a correlation between writing down your goals and achieving them. It’s not enough to just have them in your head. Writing down your goals not only forces you to think through the specifics, but increases your level of commitment.


Believe it or not, at 2313 Inc., writing down our goals and sharing them with each other is part of our weekly (and sometimes daily) routines! Doing so has been a major factor in our success over the years.

Get a bullet journal or set up a spreadsheet for your goals. Write down your short-, mid-, and long-term goals. Keep a record of your progress so you can hold yourself accountable.

Try it for yourself and let us know how it goes! Sending you goal-crushing vibes from all of us at 2313 Inc.!



How to Be a Happier More Positive Person PART 2 | 2313 Inc.

If you’re just joining us, welcome to 2313 Inc.’s 2-part series about increasing positivity! If you missed Part 1 you can read it here.

Let’s dive right into Part 2!

Focus on the bigger picture.

One of the most effective ways to stay positive is to remember what you’re ultimately shooting for.


When you keep your eyes on your goals, you’re less likely to concern yourself with small bumps on the road. You know they won’t keep you from getting to where you’re going, so you don’t give them the power to affect your mood.

Turn negatives into positives.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade — right?


Yes, it’s a cliché, but we think it’s a darn good one! One of the best ways to lead a happy and productive life is to make the best of sour situations.

The next time you find yourself in less-than-desirable circumstances, don’t let it be for naught. Perhaps you can learn and important lesson, make a new friend, launch a business relationship… who knows!

Talk it out.

Another awesome way to be a happier person is to vent about what’s on your mind. This is where it comes in handy to have a great mentor or even a therapist.


There is, we should mention, an important caveat to this point: there is a time and a place (and a person) for venting! You don’t want to cross the line into becoming a chronic complainer — and you do want to be sensitive about bringing others down.

Exercise regularly.

Working out falls into the category of “Not Nearly As Bad As It Sounds.” Yes, it’s an easy thing to dread, particularly when you’re not already in the habit. But actually, once you’re doing it, it feels great — and it’s a major mood booster. (If you missed 2313 Inc.’s blog post about getting started on a new habit you can check it out here!)


In addition to its obvious health benefits, exercise is a great way to carve out some “me time.” Step away from the pressures of your day to day life, get the blood flowing, listen to some great music, and then go back and tackle what’s ahead. You’ll thank yourself later!

Practice gratitude.

Last but not least on 2313 Inc.’s list of positivity tips is gratitude. Truly one of the best ways to adopt a positive attitude is to think about all of the wonderful things in your life.


Make a list of what you’re thankful for. When you actively appreciate everything you have, large and small, you can’t help but to feel happy!

Do you have your own tips and tricks for living a positive life? We’d love to hear them! Share them with 2313 Inc. in the comments below!


How to Be a Happier More Positive Person PART 1| 2313 Inc.

Positivity comes naturally to some people — but for so many others, a sunny outlook on life is the result of a strategic effort. The good news is that it doesn’t matter how you get there — as long as you do!

Check out these tips from 2313 Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI) for increasing optimism and happiness.

Vibes GIF-source

Keep busy.

A packed schedule is actually one of the best negativity deterrents.


When there’s a lot on your plate, there’s no time to dwell on a mishap. You’ll have no choice but to fix what you can and keep moving!

Stay away from complainers.

No. Bad. Vibes. Unfortunately, just like positivity, negativity has the power to rub off on us.


We all know people who think the world is out to get them. These people always have something negative to say.

We tend to become like the people with whom we associate. So, if your goal is to be more optimistic, it’s essential to surround yourself with people who have positive attitudes.

At 2313 Inc., we all do our best to squash negativity whenever possible. We find that a solution-oriented mindset is the key to wowing our clients and advancing in our careers.

Good vibes are contagious. Plus — who wants to listen to someone complain all the time?


Find a positivity role model.

Think about the people in your life. Is there someone who stands out as having a wonderfully positive disposition?

Once you’ve got this person in mind, any time you’re faced with a frustration, ask yourself what he/she would do under the same circumstances. Challenge yourself to model this behavior.


Limit social media use.

Our squad at 2313 Inc. loves social media just as much as any other — so we’re the first to understand that this one’s easier said than done!


Numerous reputable studies have shown an association between social media use and things like depression, anxiety, and insomnia.


Like your parents probably told you when you were a kid, everything in moderation.

Put your problems into perspective.

Sometimes, even the smallest of challenges can seem catastrophic.


It helps to remind yourself that in the grand scheme of things, more often than not, you’re not dealing with anything too terrible. Most of the problems that threaten our positive attitudes on a day to day basis are temporary and circumstantial.

This is a great quote that carries a lot of truth:

“If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.” ― Regina Brett

We know you want more positivity tips! Not to worry, 2313 Inc. has you covered. Click here to read PART 2 of this blog series!


CRUSH IT: Here’s What to Focus on Each Day of the Week

Are you ready to crush it this week? Here at 2313 Inc. in Farmington Hills, we certainly are!

As the saying goes, “where attention goes, energy flows.” So, here’s something to focus on each day this week.

MONDAY | momentum

Stop hating Mondays! Instead, get excited that you have a fresh new week to make headway on your goals.


The first day of the week sets the tone for what’s to come. Set a new goal. Kick off an exciting project. Beat your own selling record. Start your week with a bang!

TUESDAY | sense of urgency

Today is a great day to focus on picking up the pace.


Build upon yesterday’s momentum and squeeze more out of your day today. How can you drive results faster? Where can you increase the efficiency of your routine? Grab your opportunity and run with it!

WEDNESDAY | attitude

Poor Wednesdays. They get such a bad rap.


This Wednesday, ditch all the “hump day” talk and focus on having a great attitude. If something doesn’t go your way, that’s alright! Remain positive and just keep going.


THURSDAY | relationships

Set some time aside this Thursday to strengthen relationships with your co-workers.


At 2313 Inc. we have an official Thursday night tradition of getting the squad together after work — but if your workplace doesn’t facilitate this, make it happen yourself!

FRIDAY | work ethic


It’s almost the weekend. But not quite. After 4 consecutive days of hard work, it’s awfully tempting to take your foot off the gas when Friday rolls around.

This Friday, challenge yourself to give one hundred percent. Don’t sell yourself short. At 2313 Inc. we always strive to finish strong.

SATURDAY | gratitude

You’ve completed a successful work week and now you’re spending time with loved ones… what better time to practice gratitude?


Gratitude is simply good for the soul. So, this Saturday, take some time to appreciate all of the wonderful things in your life. Undoubtedly, there are many.

SUNDAY | preparation

Sunday is the perfect day to get prepared for the week ahead. Spend a few minutes thinking about what you can do today to make the upcoming week easier and more pleasant.

Maybe try meal prepping or ironing all your clothes for the week. You’ll thank yourself later!


Did you like these tips? If so, share this post on your favorite social media feed!

Do you have suggestions for how to make the most out of your week? Share them with 2313 Inc. in the comments below!


How To Get Started on a New Habit (When Starting Feels Impossible) | 2313 Inc.

2313 Inc. shares an awesome tip we learned from motivational speaker, Mel Robbins.

It’s not just you. Starting a new habit can feel impossible. Whether it’s waking up early to go to the gym, cleaning out your car after work, or reading before bed, getting going always feels daunting.

Most of the time, the things we are putting off are not nearly as bad in practice as we had imagined them to be. The hardest part is getting started. Once you gain some momentum, you’ll be on your way to forming a habit.

The Countdown

If you’re like many people, you have momentary flashes of motivation.


Here’s a scenario that might sound familiar: You’ve just downed 2 cups of coffee. You’re feeling good. You say to yourself, “Today’s the day that I’m going to go to a yoga class after work!”

Fast forward 6 hours. It’s the end of the work day, you’re exhausted. That yoga class? Doesn’t happen. Womp womp.


One of the most effective ways to combat this ever-too-common scenario is to implement Mel Robbins’ “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” trick. It looks something like this…

You finish that second latte. You’re feeling energetic and ready to take on the world. You tell yourself that you’re going to go to yoga tonight. This time, instead of placing that thought on the back burner, you give yourself 5 seconds to take action! You start counting down from 5 — aloud. With a sense of urgency, you pull up the yoga studio’s website and book an evening class. From there, actually showing up is the simple part! You’ve already made the commitment, and you’ll be mentally preparing for downward dog throughout the rest of the day.


The key is this: when you have that flash of motivation, you have to take some type of action immediately. You can’t let the moment pass and you can’t make a mental note for later.

You can apply this trick to anything that you’re likely to procrastinate doing. FIVE… FOUR … THREE… TWO… ONE… GO! Now!


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2313 Inc. Attends The World Cup in Moscow

At 2313 Inc. we believe that hard work should pay off — and boy did it pay off for some of the top performers in our organization who just came back from the trip of a lifetime!


It all started in August of last year when we committed to some pretty huge goals. Not only did we set out to double our sales revenue, but we wanted to open 9 new offices within a 10 month period. We knew this would be no easy task, but our ambitious squad was up for the challenge.

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2313 Inc.’s CEO decided that if we hit both of these audacious goals, he would deliver the ultimate 10X experience — a trip to Russia to see the World Cup. Seven people would be invited to travel across the world for an event that most people only dream of attending.

Sure enough, exactly one week before the trip, we hit our goals… talk about calling your shots! 

Lupe, Corey, Benny, Juan, Azeem, Gina, and Mariela, the lucky winners, weren’t simply lucky, of course. As with everything at 2313 Inc., this reward was merit-based. Each person who got to attend the trip was the number one producer in categories such as revenue, organizational growth, and recruiting.

Headed to Heathrow - 2

With much anticipation, when June 12th rolled around, it was finally time to embark. Everyone met in New York and flew from JFK to London. Excitingly, during their layover, they ran into the world famous coach of the Mexican soccer team!


An overnight flight landed them in Moscow early in the morning local time, and despite the travel delirium, they rallied together to start exploring that afternoon. Ken, 2313 Inc.’s president reflected on the initial culture shock, “It’s wild to be driving down the road and have no clue what any of the signs say.” Indeed, the language barrier was quite the experience in itself! Thanks to Google Translate, they managed to communicate and barter with the cab drivers to get where they needed to go.


Feeding off the incredible energy of all the fans in the Red Square, they kicked off their trip with some site-seeing, shopping, local cuisine, and of course, some soccer! They caught the Spain vs. Portugal game and several others at a local pub, where half-awake yet incredibly excited, they spent most of the evening. They ended their first night at Fan Fest, a gathering where many thousands of fans were watching the games on large screens, and listened to Vladamir Putin announce Russia’s first game.

June 14 - Near the red square - 1

The first half of the following day, the group enjoyed some much needed rest and relaxation. Later, they did some site-seeing and found themselves back in the Red Square to take in the day’s two remaining games.

Juan reflected, “Moscow is a great city — clean, lots of nice people, cool architecture… we got to meet people from all over the world… it was just an all around great experience.”

Saturday, day 3, the group headed down to the stadium bright and early to watch Argentina play Iceland. They had great seats and the atmosphere was electric. The highlight, of course, was watching one of the greatest players of all time in action, Lionel Messi. The game was unexpectedly tied after Messi missed a penalty kick. Afterwards, the group went out for burgers and spent the remainder of the evening in the heart of the Red Square.


Sunday was another epic day. Ken took Juan and Lupe, both diehard soccer fans of Mexican heritage, to see the big Mexico vs. Germany game. Mexico ended up upsetting Germany 1-0, one of the biggest victories in the team’s history. So needless to say, all of this was incredibly exciting. Sunday evening, the full squad reunited and celebrated the win together.


After all the festivities, the fifth day was fairly low-key. The group spent Monday doing some souvenir shopping and site-seeing. They watched the games at a few local spots and had fun interacting with people from all across the globe.

Ken, a former soccer player himself, shared, “Throughout the trip I was struck by the passion that people have for soccer throughout the world.”


Tuesday was their last day — and the group squeezed out every last drop of it. They watched Senegal play Poland and had a blast checking out all the popular Moscow spots.


“This whole week was incredible. Most of all, I loved that I was able to share this experience with some of my best buddies in the business,” said the president of 2313 Inc.


And that about sums up the company culture we strive for at 2313 Inc. — be passionate, build relationships, work hard, have fun. Be sure to keep up with our blog for our latest adventures and useful career tips.