4 Techniques to Help You Set Goals that You’ll Actually Achieve (Happy New Year from 2313 Inc!)

2313 Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI) shares a few tips for setting attainable New Year’s resolutions.

It’s that time of the year again! The first day of January signals the beginning of a new year—and with it, an opportunity to start fresh. It’s around this time that people start to make resolutions to reach over the next 12 months. But unfortunately, a large number those ambitions will never be fulfilled.

Often, our biggest mistakes begin in the planning process. We want 2019 to be your best year yet, so 2313 Inc. has got you covered with a few techniques that will help you to set goals that you’ll actually achieve!

1) Be specific


The first step in setting obtainable resolutions is to clearly define your goals. If your goal is to eat healthier, what does that actually look like to you? What do you want to eat less of? What do you want to eat more of? Establish specific criteria for yourself that will help you to measure your progress. Breaking your bigger resolutions into smaller goals will also help you to figure out where to start and how to stay on track.

2) Know your limits


While it’s important to dream big, it’s equally important to make sure that the ambition that you’re committing to is actually attainable. No matter how badly you might want to lose 50 pounds in a month, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to. Start small, can you lose one pound in a week? Don’t set yourself up for failure, you’ll just be disappointed and upset when you are unsuccessful in fulfilling your goal.

3) Make sure it’s important to you


This sounds like an obvious piece of advice. You’d be surprised how many people set goals that they feel like they should want or that they think other people want them to have. Never set a goal for anyone but yourself, because you have the best chance of staying motivated if you’re truly passionate about your objective.

4) Find a friend with a common goal


Collaborate with somebody else that wants to achieve the same goal as you—having a friend to hold you accountable and make sure that you’re making steady progress is another great way to maintain motivation and stay committed to your resolution!

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3 Quotes to Awaken Your Inner Leader | 2313 Inc.

2313 Inc. wouldn’t be the business that it is today without even one of the strong leaders that guide our team. But just as Vince Lombardi said, “Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” Leadership is a skill, and just like any skill, its development requires rigorous practice.


2313 Inc. has gathered 3 great leadership quotes that you can learn from, whether you’re an aspiring leader or you’re already in a position of authority.

“Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position.”—Brian Tracy

Great leaders contribute to the lives of their team members in significant ways. They are authentic and don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk. They are followed and respected because of what they bring to the table. Ask yourself… if you were suddenly demoted, would your team still stand behind you?

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”—Jack Welch

The best kind of leader is a selfless one. Before the big promotion, your main focus was likely on your own success and furthering your own career. Once you are in a position of leadership, however, it is your duty to put aside your own desire for recognition and place the needs of your people first.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”—Warren Bennis

You’ve probably heard at least one variation of it before: every strong leader needs a strong vision. It’s easy to dream big, but having the patience and passion to make those dreams come true is no small feat. It’s one thing to communicate a goal to your team, but being able to guide them to fulfilling it takes an effective leader.

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4 Reasons to Dress for Success | 2313 Inc.

Our team here at 2313 Inc. in Farmington Hills strongly believes in the importance of looking sharp during the work week. Far too often, people make the mistake of giving up on dressing well as soon as they secure a new position — but not us!

Check out this list of 4 reasons why you should still dress for success even after you land your dream job.


Dressing well heightens your productivity

Clothing that is intended for lounging keeps you in your comfort zone, which enables you to slip into lazy routines. When you’re dressed to impress, however, you’re more motivated to get things done!


Dressing well boosts your confidence

This one is actually pretty simple—when you know that you look professional and put-together on the outside, you’re bound to feel more confident on the inside. If you look your best, you’re more likely to try your best, and that extra effort can go a long way.


Dressing well garners respect

As we said before, many people stop dressing professionally after the first few weeks at a new job because they know they’re no longer competing for a prize—but doing so is definitely a mistake. Dressing professionally sends the message that you respect yourself and take your job seriously. In return, people will respect you!


Dressing well sets the stage for networking

We’re not saying that you have to wear a pair of pressed slacks over the weekend, but you never know when you’re going to meet someone who could be a potential business connection. Save your best business attire for the office, but making an effort to look presentable during your days off as well will ensure that you’re ready to nail that first impression anytime and anywhere.


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3 Quotes to Convince You of the Importance of Networking | 2313 Inc.

2313 Inc. would not be the successful business that it is today without the support of all the wonderful people that we’ve connected with since we started. We have been fortunate to learn from experienced mentors who have helped each and every one of us thrive in our careers.


Check out this list of 3 quotes compiled by 2313 Inc. that are sure to convince—or remind—you of the importance of networking.

1) “Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for.”—Christine Comaford-Lynch

This quote reminds us that although networking is about fostering relationships with people, this is a form of marketing in its own way. If you want people to really want to do business or collaborate with you, they have to be sold on your unique personality. If you don’t leave a favorable impression when you connect with someone, that contact is virtually useless.

2) “To be successful, you have to be able to relate to people; they have to be satisfied with your personality to be able to do business with you and to build a relationship with mutual trust.”—George Ross

The message in this quote is that you have to develop a strong, trusting relationship with someone before you can expect them to want to do business with you. The best networkers know how to relate to people to build meaningful connections with them. It’s these connections that will yield opportunity as these relationships grow.

3) “Don’t wait until you desperately need a social network to begin developing one.”—Frank Sonnenberg

As the previous quotes emphasize, it’s difficult to have a thriving business if you don’t invest time into networking. Building a robust network is a time-consuming and never ending process. If you haven’t previously cultivated a network, you’ll likely be out of luck when you encounter a scenario in which you urgently need a contact or two — so be sure to think ahead!

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4 Online Tools to Upgrade Your Time Management Skills

2313 Inc. (Farmington Hills) shares a list of helpful online tools to help with time management.


The internet is a beautiful thing. It’s hard to imagine what the world was like before cat videos, business tips, and instant communication were available at the click of a button. But with all of the endless entertainment and knowledge that it has to offer, the World Wide Web is also one of the greatest distractions of the modern world. But don’t worry! Your friends here at 2313 Inc. have got you covered with a list of 4 of the best online tools to help you stay focused and productive during the workday.

1) SelfControl

This Mac OS X web application temporarily blocks access to a list of websites which you determine. Essentially, you can block access to distracting websites like Facebook, Twitter, and even your email for an amount of time which you personally set. You still have access to the rest of the internet. Restarting your computer or web browser does not interrupt or reset the time window, and the blocking cannot be turned off through the app prior to the end of the timer.

2) StayFocusd

This Google Chrome extension boosts your productivity by limiting the time that you can spend on certain distracting websites. You choose a total time limit to be spent on the specified URLs per day. Once you’ve used up your allotted minutes for the day, your access to those sites is blocked until the next day.

3) Focus

With one click, you can turn on a timed “focus” period during which a motivational quote will appear each time you attempt to access a website which you’ve designated to be blocked during the set time frame. This feature is unique because it re-motivates you and kickstarts your productivity. Other features include scheduled breaks, timed blocks of productivity, and locked access to the program’s preferences during productivity hours.

4) Dejal Time Out

This application takes an entirely different approach to time management, allowing you to schedule specific times per day during which a message reminding you to take a break from your work appears over your screen for a set duration of time. The logic behind this approach is that if you know that you have a break coming up, you’ll be less likely to get distracted from the task at hand and instead power through.

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2 Reasons You May Not Be Achieving Your Goals | 2313 Inc.

At 2313 Inc. in Farmington Hills, MI, there is a reason that we stress the importance of setting and achieving goals. The simple reason is that it’s one of the major keys to success.


Not all goals are achieved — and contrary to popular belief, the culprit isn’t always a lack of motivation. The process of effectively setting goals, tracking them, and following through is something that a lot of individuals have trouble with.

Fortunately, 2313 Inc. is here to give you 2 key reasons you may not be achieving your goals so you can change that — stat!

1. Your goals aren’t specific enough

Have you ever heard of SMART goals? If you have, you know that the S stands for specific!

Let’s say your goal is to bake a cake tonight. You don’t actually expect a perfect cake to pop right out of the oven without taking specific steps and using specific ingredients, right? The same goes for goals!


Let’s use a career-related example. If you say, “My goal is to get promoted,” and just leave it there — chances are, you won’t get promoted. Instead, get specific by asking yourself questions like these:

  • What specific position do I want to attain?
  • What skills do I need to attain in order to get there?
  • How can I build these skills?
  • What specific targets much I reach?
  • Why is it important to me to earn this promotion?
  • How can I make the best use of the resources around me in order to achieve this goal?

As anyone at 2313 Inc. will tell you from experience, thinking through the small details is an important exercise that will set your goals in motion.

2. You aren’t putting pen to paper

Study after study has demonstrated a correlation between writing down your goals and achieving them. It’s not enough to just have them in your head. Writing down your goals not only forces you to think through the specifics, but increases your level of commitment.


Believe it or not, at 2313 Inc., writing down our goals and sharing them with each other is part of our weekly (and sometimes daily) routines! Doing so has been a major factor in our success over the years.

Get a bullet journal or set up a spreadsheet for your goals. Write down your short-, mid-, and long-term goals. Keep a record of your progress so you can hold yourself accountable.

Try it for yourself and let us know how it goes! Sending you goal-crushing vibes from all of us at 2313 Inc.!



How to Be a Happier More Positive Person PART 2 | 2313 Inc.

If you’re just joining us, welcome to 2313 Inc.’s 2-part series about increasing positivity! If you missed Part 1 you can read it here.

Let’s dive right into Part 2!

Focus on the bigger picture.

One of the most effective ways to stay positive is to remember what you’re ultimately shooting for.


When you keep your eyes on your goals, you’re less likely to concern yourself with small bumps on the road. You know they won’t keep you from getting to where you’re going, so you don’t give them the power to affect your mood.

Turn negatives into positives.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade — right?


Yes, it’s a cliché, but we think it’s a darn good one! One of the best ways to lead a happy and productive life is to make the best of sour situations.

The next time you find yourself in less-than-desirable circumstances, don’t let it be for naught. Perhaps you can learn and important lesson, make a new friend, launch a business relationship… who knows!

Talk it out.

Another awesome way to be a happier person is to vent about what’s on your mind. This is where it comes in handy to have a great mentor or even a therapist.


There is, we should mention, an important caveat to this point: there is a time and a place (and a person) for venting! You don’t want to cross the line into becoming a chronic complainer — and you do want to be sensitive about bringing others down.

Exercise regularly.

Working out falls into the category of “Not Nearly As Bad As It Sounds.” Yes, it’s an easy thing to dread, particularly when you’re not already in the habit. But actually, once you’re doing it, it feels great — and it’s a major mood booster. (If you missed 2313 Inc.’s blog post about getting started on a new habit you can check it out here!)


In addition to its obvious health benefits, exercise is a great way to carve out some “me time.” Step away from the pressures of your day to day life, get the blood flowing, listen to some great music, and then go back and tackle what’s ahead. You’ll thank yourself later!

Practice gratitude.

Last but not least on 2313 Inc.’s list of positivity tips is gratitude. Truly one of the best ways to adopt a positive attitude is to think about all of the wonderful things in your life.


Make a list of what you’re thankful for. When you actively appreciate everything you have, large and small, you can’t help but to feel happy!

Do you have your own tips and tricks for living a positive life? We’d love to hear them! Share them with 2313 Inc. in the comments below!