5 Reasons Why A Sense of Humor Will Take You Far in Your Career

We love humor here at 2313 Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI)! Mark Twain once said, “humor is mankind’s greatest blessing” and we think that’s perfectly accurate. Smiling is one thing, but there’s really nothing like laughing. Even if it is only for a few seconds, you forget about your problems, whether they are big or small, and feel nothing except for simple joy.


Laughter is an anatomical cheat-code that can ease tough situations or brighten up the dullest of mornings. We’ll be the first to admit that it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows in the business world, which is why humor is necessary. Having a good sense of humor, in addition to a rigorous work ethic, can make a massive difference on your path to success. 2313 Inc. is here to give you 5 reasons why humor will take you far in your career!

(Admit it, those babies made you crack a smile, didn’t they?)

1. Communication

You know who people want to listen to? Those who make them laugh! It’s a natural response. If somebody, whether consciously or subconsciously, knows that you are going to make them laugh then they will be more compelled to listen to what you’re saying.

This can be very useful when dealing with difficult clients or stubborn coworkers. If you are able to display a fun sense of humor — even if you only get them to crack an involuntary smile — you have won their attention.


2. Easing Conflict

You know those tough meetings or phone calls where the tension could be cut with a butter knife? There is nothing that eases the pressure like a good joke or funny observation!

It can be difficult to do this when the atmosphere is already in the depths of discomfort, but if you can sense a social stalemate or dip in tone, making people laugh will surely lighten the mood.


3. Closing Deals

Starting a conversation with a client by using humor and squeezing out some chuckles will steer the discussion into a cheery place. Think of a hilarious icebreaker (be tactful!) to build rapport. 2313 Inc. wants our clients to be excited to talk with us!


4. Leadership

As a leader, you have a responsibility to motivate others to be successful. Appropriately inserting jokes and getting your people to laugh will make them happy to be at work. More importantly, they will be happy to be working for you!

A team that is laughing is a team that is comfortable. A team that is comfortable is a team that is happy. When your people are happy at work they are likely to perform better. Just ask anyone who works at 2313 Inc.!


5. Trust

When you are able to crack a successful joke at work, it is a way of showing your true self. In business, there are always personal traits that you have to leave at home when you put on your business pants! Appropriate humor should not have to be one of those traits.

People will see a real, authentic display of you. By briefly drawing the professional curtain, it will humanize you in a way that will make coworkers and clients more inclined to trust you.


We don’t know about you, but all of these laughing gifs have our 2313 Inc. team in a great mood! Comment below which gif is your favorite!

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Developing Strong Leadership from Scratch

At 2313 Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI) we pride ourselves on our ability to develop our team members into world-class leaders. In this blog post we will shed some light on how we do it.

Developing Strong Leadership From Scratch

Anyone can learn to be a good leader, but it takes something extra for a team to get behind you.

If you own a business and it starts growing, you’ll need other people to whom you can delegate management and leadership duties. But how do you develop those ever-important leadership skills in your employees? Here are some tips from 2313 Inc.

Identify the critical skills you need in your leaders. Each organization is different, so you need to take the time to figure out what your needs are and how your current staff’s competencies work into that. Once you know those needs in relation to your company’s strategy, you can begin your efforts to develop new leaders.

Identify leadership candidates. Which of your employees seem to have these critical skills, or which of them could develop those skills with some mentorship from you? Which of them takes the initiative when things need to be done? A good leader knows each team member’s strengths and areas where they need to grow. With that information, a leader can begin building skills in those with leadership potential.

Invest in your team. High-impact companies invest in leadership development more than novices do. Help your staff to participate in programs that will give them the skills they need to become leaders in your organization. It’s worth the cost to send promising employees to workshops and classes.

Teach them to network. By doing so, you’ll help them learn how to make connections with people they don’t know. They’ll also develop some mutually beneficial relationships that will help you and your company. You can start small, with company potlucks or after-work happy hours, and then bring them to larger networking events and introduce them to your connections.

Give them the right experience. If your managers need to be good public speakers, for example, invite your team member to watch you give a presentation and then, later on, ask them to present in your place. You can do the same with duties like running meetings and overseeing projects. All these tasks will help your budding leaders develop their management skills.

Allow them to stretch. It’s okay if your potential leaders struggle a little; it will ultimately help them to build their skills and learn who to ask about what.  That doesn’t mean you should sit around and watch while your employee tries to figure out something that’s become easy for you. Give hints here and there, or introduce them to someone in the company who will be better able to help.

Let them take ownership. If you’ve taught your employees how to make smart, informed decisions based on their knowledge of the company and the product, you shouldn’t make them run their ideas by you before executing them. Trust your employees and your mentorship enough to let them make their own decisions. Some of those decisions will result in learning experiences, some will be amazing—but whatever the case, if you let your potential leaders lead, the long-term results will be great.

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A 5-Step Guide to Setting and Meeting Career Goals

Goal-setting is a regular and ongoing activity we engage in here at 2313 Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI). Here’s how to implement this productive habit in your own life.

A 5-Step Guide to Setting and Meeting Career Goals 2313 Inc
Nobody with any degree of motivation imagines that they’ll be in the same job, at the same pay rate, five years from now. So what do you do if you want to move beyond your current position? You need to set goals—but how do you do that for maximum chances of success? Here are some tips from 2313 Inc.
Make your goals SMART
Unless your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely, you’re not going to be able to achieve them. It’s not enough, for example, to say that you’d like to own your own business. You need to set a goal like, “I will own my own business in five years.” This specific goal is also measurable because you can track your progress toward that goal. It’s achievable and realistic if you are motivated, and timely because you’ve set a time limit for achieving that long-term goal.
Create milestones
Because SMART goals must be measurable and achievable, create milestones (or short-term goals) in support of your long-term goal. For example, you could create a short-term goal of finding at least one mentor within a month, or taking an accounting or bookkeeping class within a year to support your ability to manage your business finances.
Build your network
Once you’ve decided on the goal you want to achieve, some of the milestones you create should revolve around building your network. Seek out mentors in your desired career field, talk to people at networking events and conferences, and build connections with people online through career-oriented social media channels. By building your network, you’ll have a better chance of successfully achieving your goals.
Be committed and accountable
You can create all the long-term and short-term goals you want, but if you’re not committed to them, you won’t succeed. If you believe your goal is important and attainable, you’re more likely to do the work necessary to achieve it. Likewise, you need to be accountable, so make sure a mentor or fellow entrepreneur is there to hold you to your long-term and short-term goals.
On the other hand, be flexible
You may find that you need to change your timeline for achievement of your goals. For example, if you have a goal of graduating from college in three years, but then realize you can’t do that while also working full-time, don’t be afraid to modify that goal. Maybe you can take one or two evening classes each semester.
However, there’s also a chance that a goal you set may no longer be important to you; in that case, set yourself a new SMART goal to achieve.
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Meaningful Ways to Handle Rejection

Rejection is a part of life — and is most certainly a part of business.
At 2313 Inc. we help prepare our team members to take rejection in stride and never let it keep them from hitting their goals.

2313 Inc.

Everyone gets rejected, but will you let rejection stop your career in its tracks, or will you turn it into an opportunity to grow

Rejection hurts. There is no way to avoid it. Your first step is to acknowledge the rejection–but don’t dwell on it. Convert that rejection into motivation. Here are some of 2313 Inc.’s favorite strategies that will keep you moving forward.

1. Don’t Expect Rejection

Anticipating rejection can lead to procrastination. Reaching out to a customer can be scary. But then again…what if you’re just what that customer needs when they need it? Don’t let the fear keep you from putting your best foot forward!

2. Establish Clear Goals

Have you created a clear set of goals? Get specific about all of your goals. Establish daily, weekly, and monthly goals. If you need help setting goals, consult your team members or supervisor. 

3. Create A Work Routine

Create a work routine. Make customer contacts at the same time every day. As you improve your skills, you’ll reach more people. The more people you reach each day, the greater your chances of getting to “yes.”

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4. It’s Not About You

Don’t take the easy way out by making rejection personal. Learn to see each rejection as an opportunity to understand something about yourself.

5. No Doesn’t Mean Never

Once you hear a “no,” acknowledge it and continue talking. If you don’t have what your customer needs, you may know someone who does. Be a useful resource. You’re establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship.

6. Start With a Smile

Start your day by visualizing success. Picture your customers saying “yes.” Sometimes a positive attitude is all you really need to get that sale squared away.

7. Toughen Up

You can’t take a break every time you get a rejection. You need to toughen up and build up your endurance. Rejection is a great teacher if you learn to see it as motivation.

8. Ask for Feedback

Always ask for feedback when you’ve been rejected. If you don’t understand why it happened, you won’t know how to prevent it from happening the next time.

9. Keep Moving

Working with purpose prevents rejection from moving in and taking over. Choose to get things done. Organize your workspace. Finish up tasks you were putting off. Taking constructive action will improve your attitude.

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Seven Must-Watch Movies for Salespeople

2313 Inc. Seven Must-Watch Movies for Salespeople

Here are 7 flicks worth watching for anyone that works in sales.

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It’s always fun watching movies we can relate to professionally. Many films have made a major impact on pop-culture and the way our society views the “prototypical salesman.” Sales is not easy work, but it’s the best crash course in succeeding within business. Here are six movies (and a TV show) that everyone in the sales world should be watching.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This one takes a different approach and shows the positives in a sales career. The protagonist uses his role as a sales professional to teach his son valuable lessons in hard work, perseverance and determination.

 Death of a Salesman

Arthur Miller’s famous play features Willy Loman, the salesman who just can’t catch a break. While this story is more about failure and the inability to adapt and change, it’s also about the power of persuasion, and how some people, like Loman, just aren’t made for the world of sales. It’s a sad tale about what can happen when you’re in over your head, even when you have the right tools.

Wall Street

Michael Douglas’ Gordon Gekko taught us that “greed is good” because you’ll work hard for what you want. “Wall Street” show us how the love of money can bring down great men, but also leaves us with a ton of memorable sales tips and valuable one-liners.

Tin Men

This is a comedy about two rival salesmen who are unscrupulous in both sales and life. They find success in the corrupt and shady world of Aluminum Siding sales, but that comes to a halt when the Home Improvement Commission begins cracking down on sleazy sales practices. It’s humorous look on the shoddy world of sales past and how sleazy salesmen adapted to change.

Glengarry Glen Ross

Desperate salesmen wade through the waters of a Chicago-based real estate firm, learning just how hard it is to stay ahead of the game. This film is gritty and tough to watch for those who’ve experienced the harsh reality of sales. Glengarry gave us a good look into the lives of both good and bad salespeople, and it also taught us the golden rule: Always Be Closing.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Like “Wall Street,” this is another look into the shady sales practices on the trading floor and just how far some will go to make that deal. Based on a true story, this film show us just how jaded one can become when money is the ultimate goal. It also shows us the power of a good pitch, even when selling something as simple as pen.

Mad Men

No, this isn’t a movie, but this television phenomenon brings us to the world of 1960s advertising, where personality, contacts and knowing how to close a deal were just as important then as they are now.

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How a Focus on Team Bonding Helps Your Business

2313 Inc. How a Focus on Team Bonding Helps Your Business

2313 Inc. is a business and consulting firm based in Farmington Hills, MI. Learn more about our company at http://www.2313inc.com

We’re all aware of media representations of team building exercises, like trust falls and camping trips that usually turn out to be a comedy of errors. But that’s media, not real life, and in real life, team bonding can be a huge part of building a successful team. We’ve all worked at jobs where there was little to no team unity, or where a corporate culture was handed down from on high in an attempt to foster such unity, but which failed to take the real experience of workers into consideration.

Teams where coworkers not only get along, but know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, are more successful. People know who to go to for specific projects or challenges, they know who they can trust to solve certain problems. They know how to work together to achieve goals, instead of trying to out-perform one another. This is something we are thrilled to have accomplished here in Farmington Hills, MI.

There are some managers who feel that they should pit their employees against one another so they push themselves to achieve as much as possible, but more often than not this simply leads to employee burnout. Similarly, teams which lack in unity often result in employees thinking that they need to do everything themselves, which can lead to burnout as well.

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Team building doesn’t have to take the form of field trips and such, but can be accomplished by simply bringing people together and getting them to talk about their own strengths and weaknesses, and having people work on projects together. These projects can be exercises specifically designed for team building, or they can be actual projects. And unless you’re planning on working right alongside your employees, it might be best to step back and leave teams to themselves sometimes.

It’s important that they know their managers as well, and trust them if they have concerns, but you don’t want to put them on the spot and observe them. Bosses who micromanage can not only harm team unity, but turn that team against themselves.

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10 Reasons To Always Tell the Truth at Work

2313 Inc. 10 Reasons To Always Tell the Truth at Work

Flickr CC via Novartis AG

Telling the truth is a simple strategy for igniting integrity and moving your career—and reputation—in the right direction.

Always telling the truth is an actual, practical, and reasonable strategy to use during your workday. Telling the truth provides useful tools for self-review and decision-making when you’re facing a complex problem with a variety of factors. Put these strategies into practice and you’ll understand that not only does the truth set you free, it’s a core value of any business strategy.

Keep Your Cool

Telling the truth doesn’t mean speaking from a place of anger or strong emotions. If your temper starts to rise, pause and take a breath in order to calm down. Count to 10—or up to 100—pick the number that gives you time to develop a thoughtful response to the situation that respects the other person’s point of view without silencing your own truth.

Listen and Learn

Upon hearing someone saying something you disagree with, we’re often prompted to immediately start framing a rebuttal. When that happens we’ve stopped listening. Our rebuttals are most often about making a point that’s more inline with our version of the truth than it is to actually communicating with someone. Listen and learn.

Experience Empathy

Empathy requires that you be able to imagine yourself in someone else’s situation. Empathy at work is an essential tool to improve work relations with your team members. It gives you a creative advantage at work since it expands your perspective. Someone who has empathy is able to imagine solutions to problems for a colleague or client’s perspective.

Lies Change Size

Sometimes we’re tempted to tell a lie so that we appear bigger—more successful, more powerful, more popular. When avoiding the truth in the hope that we’ll look better to other people we actually hurting ourselves. Before a social or networking session review the things that you’ve done in your life that make you proud. Don’t let a conversation become a competition. Let authenticity and honesty guide your questions and answers.

Develop Discretion

When someone shares something in confidence, treat what he or she shares with consideration and care. If you have questions about what you’ve been told, about whom it’s okay to share it with, ask the source for answers. Never pass on information that’s mean-spirited or negative—that’s just gossip and it hurts you and the people it’s about.

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