Developing Strong Leadership from Scratch

At 2313 Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI) we pride ourselves on our ability to develop our team members into world-class leaders. In this blog post we will shed some light on how we do it.

Developing Strong Leadership From Scratch

Anyone can learn to be a good leader, but it takes something extra for a team to get behind you.

If you own a business and it starts growing, you’ll need other people to whom you can delegate management and leadership duties. But how do you develop those ever-important leadership skills in your employees? Here are some tips from 2313 Inc.

Identify the critical skills you need in your leaders. Each organization is different, so you need to take the time to figure out what your needs are and how your current staff’s competencies work into that. Once you know those needs in relation to your company’s strategy, you can begin your efforts to develop new leaders.

Identify leadership candidates. Which of your employees seem to have these critical skills, or which of them could develop those skills with some mentorship from you? Which of them takes the initiative when things need to be done? A good leader knows each team member’s strengths and areas where they need to grow. With that information, a leader can begin building skills in those with leadership potential.

Invest in your team. High-impact companies invest in leadership development more than novices do. Help your staff to participate in programs that will give them the skills they need to become leaders in your organization. It’s worth the cost to send promising employees to workshops and classes.

Teach them to network. By doing so, you’ll help them learn how to make connections with people they don’t know. They’ll also develop some mutually beneficial relationships that will help you and your company. You can start small, with company potlucks or after-work happy hours, and then bring them to larger networking events and introduce them to your connections.

Give them the right experience. If your managers need to be good public speakers, for example, invite your team member to watch you give a presentation and then, later on, ask them to present in your place. You can do the same with duties like running meetings and overseeing projects. All these tasks will help your budding leaders develop their management skills.

Allow them to stretch. It’s okay if your potential leaders struggle a little; it will ultimately help them to build their skills and learn who to ask about what.  That doesn’t mean you should sit around and watch while your employee tries to figure out something that’s become easy for you. Give hints here and there, or introduce them to someone in the company who will be better able to help.

Let them take ownership. If you’ve taught your employees how to make smart, informed decisions based on their knowledge of the company and the product, you shouldn’t make them run their ideas by you before executing them. Trust your employees and your mentorship enough to let them make their own decisions. Some of those decisions will result in learning experiences, some will be amazing—but whatever the case, if you let your potential leaders lead, the long-term results will be great.

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3 Steps to Reaching Your Full Potential


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We all have potential, and we are all capable of achieving great things. The problem many of us face is not that we don’t have the ability, it’s that we haven’t unlocked our full potential yet. If we learned how to do this, we could achieve things beyond our wildest dreams.

We’ve all had experiences where we felt great, and that we could take on anything and anyone that comes our way. But we’ve also had days where we feel worthless. On a daily basis, we probably fall somewhere in between. But wouldn’t you like to be the best version of yourself every day? Here’s a brief guide to reaching your full potential.

1.Take a step back

Look at yourself from the outside. What would you think if you met yourself? What impression would you give yourself? Think back at what people have told you about their first impressions of you. Think also about how you act in social situations, how you dress, how you converse with people. This will help you get to know yourself better. Every day we present an image of ourselves to the rest of the world, and if we take a step back and consider what the rest of the world sees, we can learn a lot about who we are.

Once we have a better idea of who we are, we can analyze our strengths and weaknesses, our greatest wins and most crushing losses. This shows us a starting point to begin adjusting accordingly.

2. Make small adjustments

The first step to realizing your full potential is to take one step in that direction. After step one, you should have a good idea of what you need to change. So start making an effort, even if it’s small.

Start with the easy things. Do the things that you know you can do but have putting off. Pick up that phone and call your Grandma, pay that credit card, make that doctor’s appointment. Whatever it is, you are likely putting it off because it’s an inconvenience. Take that first step and cross something off your to-do list. Make a small change and get the ball rolling.

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3. Develop new habits

Sometimes we’re just caught in a rut, and we don’t realize it. Days go by and we feel tired and unmotivated not because that’s the way we are, but because we’re used to feeling that way. That means it’s time to snap out of it and develop new, better habits.

Use the many gifts the world offers us and incorporate them into your life in new ways. Listen to music at the beginning of your day. Meditate to clear your mind. Take a relaxing bath every night. Get a pet. There are so many ways to add something new and good into your life, and once you do, you might develop habits and patterns that inspire you to reach your full potential every day.

4. Be a healthy, happy, and confident person

The final stage in the process is taking everything you learned from steps 1 through 3 and growing into a new you. The process can be a lot quicker than you might realize, especially if you are truly driven to change and realize your full potential.

Becoming happy, healthy, and confident is not an easy thing for many of us, but it really can be achieved. Every day presents an opportunity to live better, eat better, feel better, and act like the champions we are. Don’t expect change overnight. Take baby steps and make minor changes. Mix it up a little bit and avoid destructive habits and bad routines.

You have the power to reach your full potential. It’s there, waiting, untapped. But it’s a process to get there. So start today. Make that first step and see where it takes you.