Meaningful Ways to Handle Rejection

Rejection is a part of life — and is most certainly a part of business.
At 2313 Inc. we help prepare our team members to take rejection in stride and never let it keep them from hitting their goals.

2313 Inc.

Everyone gets rejected, but will you let rejection stop your career in its tracks, or will you turn it into an opportunity to grow

Rejection hurts. There is no way to avoid it. Your first step is to acknowledge the rejection–but don’t dwell on it. Convert that rejection into motivation. Here are some of 2313 Inc.’s favorite strategies that will keep you moving forward.

1. Don’t Expect Rejection

Anticipating rejection can lead to procrastination. Reaching out to a customer can be scary. But then again…what if you’re just what that customer needs when they need it? Don’t let the fear keep you from putting your best foot forward!

2. Establish Clear Goals

Have you created a clear set of goals? Get specific about all of your goals. Establish daily, weekly, and monthly goals. If you need help setting goals, consult your team members or supervisor. 

3. Create A Work Routine

Create a work routine. Make customer contacts at the same time every day. As you improve your skills, you’ll reach more people. The more people you reach each day, the greater your chances of getting to “yes.”

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4. It’s Not About You

Don’t take the easy way out by making rejection personal. Learn to see each rejection as an opportunity to understand something about yourself.

5. No Doesn’t Mean Never

Once you hear a “no,” acknowledge it and continue talking. If you don’t have what your customer needs, you may know someone who does. Be a useful resource. You’re establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship.

6. Start With a Smile

Start your day by visualizing success. Picture your customers saying “yes.” Sometimes a positive attitude is all you really need to get that sale squared away.

7. Toughen Up

You can’t take a break every time you get a rejection. You need to toughen up and build up your endurance. Rejection is a great teacher if you learn to see it as motivation.

8. Ask for Feedback

Always ask for feedback when you’ve been rejected. If you don’t understand why it happened, you won’t know how to prevent it from happening the next time.

9. Keep Moving

Working with purpose prevents rejection from moving in and taking over. Choose to get things done. Organize your workspace. Finish up tasks you were putting off. Taking constructive action will improve your attitude.

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How to Avoid Burnout at Work

2313 Inc. How to Avoid Work Bunrout

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Just like a light bulb human beings are susceptible to burnout. It happens for a variety of reasons, but most often there’s a very simple reason. You forgot to take care of yourself. Burnout starts simply—so simply you may not notice it.

One morning you decide you don’t have time for breakfast so you substitute a healthy meal and a moment of reflection with a donut and a sugary coffee drink on your commute.

At home you have chores to do and family and friends who require your time and attention. In order to complete all of your tasks you decide to stay up late to finish a project. You cut back on your sleep. You may choose to wake up early to get a head start on the day.

Over time you will begin to build up a sleep deficit and that will have a negative impact on your ability to concentrate. Your productivity at work will suffer. The quality of your relationships with your colleagues, family, and friends will also lose their rewarding quality, and eventually become an exhausting chore. Burnout can lead to physical exhaustion and illness if you don’t pay attention to the demands on your time.

It’s not uncommon for people who are motivated to engage each opportunity they encounter with their full attention and energy to stumble into burnout. However, there’s a problem with this behavior. You can’t engage fully in your success if you’re energy has been depleted over time and you don’t the time to recharge your batteries.

The solution to burnout is simple. Pay attention to your behavior at work and at home. Here are some things to remember so you won’t get caught up in burnout:

  • Don’t overpromise. Only agree to do what you can do with the time and resources you have. This doesn’t mean you stretch in order to learn. Stretch thoughtfully.
  • Don’t create unreasonable goals at work and in your personal life. Remember to use your common sense. If it doesn’t feel right then reconsider your process. Do you create unreasonable goals for yourself at work and in your personal life?
  • Use problem-solving skills to break down large goals into more reasonable, smaller goals. Take one step at a time and you will reach your goal.
  • Schedule personal time so that you can relax and retain your good health and positive outlook.
  • Forgive yourself for making mistakes. Don’t keep it a secret. Let people know what happened. Fix it. Let it go.
  • Ask for help when you need it. Help someone when they ask you for help. Remember, success is a team effort.