How Social Responsibility Encourages Employees and Improves Public Relations

At 2313 Inc. we encourage our employees to be actively involved in the local Farmington Hills community. We also strive to make regular philanthropy a way of life.

2313 Inc How Social Responsibility Encourages Employees and Improves Public Relations

Social Responsibility inspires employees to do their best on the job and contribute to the wellbeing of the community.

Improving society is a core value of many companies doing business today. CEOs and employees have learned that a work culture committed to philanthropy also improves their bottom line. It’s true—social responsibility is good for business. Here’s how:

  • It improves public perception of the company, resulting in heightened company trust
  • It allows employees to gain a wider perspective of the world and understand how the skills they have gained can translate across many areas of their lives
  • It personifies the company into a force for change and good, not simply a for-profit endeavor
  • It gives the company a competitive edge in the market
  • It cultivates greater employee satisfaction and loyalty

Employees today have a greater opportunity to make a difference in their communities by finding volunteering opportunities at work. For example, 2313 Inc.’s support of Operation Smile allows the team to contribute to philanthropic causes and make a difference on a global scale. Our work with Operation Smile provides a positive example of social responsibility to our clients, employees, and business professionals.

Every employee has valuable skills to offer nonprofit organizations, from the ability to take photos at events, to making children laugh during medical missions, to organizing fundraisers. By offering their particular strengths and resources, employees can make a meaningful contribution to those in need.

A company’s public image can be swayed with of its social responsibility programs and how aware the public is about those programs. Anyone will usually say they feel more comfortable supporting a company that does its part to help with the community and support humanitarian work. It’s worth letting the public know about the great projects and charities you support. Companies can even improve their public image by supporting nonprofits through fundraisers, volunteering, and strong partnerships. By promoting these efforts and letting the public know about their support, companies increase their chances of becoming favorable in the eyes of consumers.

Anyone in the company can make a difference and contribute in his or her own way. If you’re interested in making a difference in the lives of people in need, start your search at work. You may find a program that will be happy to have your support.

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2313 Inc Participates in Day of Smiles


2313 Inc. Participates in Day of Smiles

2313 Inc. participated in Day of Smiles this past weekend, a fundraising event aimed to foster funds for the international children’s charity, Operation Smile! By going seeking donations and participating in various other fundraising activities, 2313 Inc was able to raise money toward oral surgeries for children less fortunate.

For many families around the world, safe surgery is not an option when its needed. When children in less-fortunate countries are born with oral deformities, surgery can be difficult to afford. Operation Smile is dedicated to bringing life-changing surgeries to these children around the world. Along with a network of medical professionals and donations of funds to provide the surgeries, children’s lives are changed every day. It’s thanks to countless hours toward the care of these children, along with dedicate supporters who are motivated every day to make a difference in the lives of children they’ve never met.

2313 Inc made the most of Day of Smiles by putting in the extra effort to raise money for this amazing cause. We all wore blue Operation Smile shirts to showcase our teamwork and unity. The 2313 Inc. team took time out on a weekend to raise over $6000, and is still counting the results! Thank you to all donators, and everyone on the team who put in the time to make a difference in a child’s life.

We are so proud of our team and their selflessness to give back to an amazing cause! Looking to join the 2313 Inc team? Check out our latest openings on CareerBuilder.

How to Have Effective Team Meetings


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Some days, meetings can get away from us. What we thought would be a 30-minute meeting turns into 2 hours. Meetings can be a big time waster if they aren’t done efficiently.

Some meetings can simply be done through email, while some are actually pretty important. The first step in having effective meetings is figuring this out. If team members aren’t brainstorming and are simply sharing ideas, complete the sharing process through email. However, if team members want input and/or to discuss these ideas, have the meeting instead.

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Once it has been decided that a meeting is essential, follow these steps beforehand to have a quick and effective meeting:

Create an Agenda

This will ensure you don’t get too off track and will remember everything that needs to be discussed during the meeting. Send this around to everyone involved beforehand, as well as a general timeline that you expect to meet.

Make Sure Everyone is Prepared

If team members need to read over a document beforehand to understand something that will be discussed, make sure they know this. If they need to prepare something, make sure that gets done as well. Meetings can become pointless if some people don’t have the information they need or are unable to answer questions.

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Create a Meeting Follow-Up Plan

Too often people agree to something in a meeting and then completely forget about it. Sending out a roundup following the meeting that recaps who is doing what by when and a quick overview of what was discussed will ensure everyone gets their job done.

Ask for Feedback

Maybe your employees have an idea that will make meetings more effective. Ask for feedback and try implementing it when possible. Ask questions such as:

  • Do you feel our meetings are productive?
  • If not, what could we do to change that?
  • Is there anything we could stop or start doing to make them more effective?

What’s Happening at 2313 Inc. – August 2014

2313 Inc. has a ton of great things happenings recently! Here are a few updates regarding the company:


2313 Inc. recently held a V.I.P. to Leader event in Farmington Hills, MI. Leaders were invited from offices in Chicago, Cleveland, and Washington D.C. To celebrate, leaders attended a Detroit Tigers game vs. the Colorado Rockies, as well as a golf outing on Saturday.

The Ladies went for a spa treatment!


Next week, we will be having a Toronto Leadership Seminar, where leaders from many different offices around the country will meet to train, work, and help make each other better leaders!

We have a Top Gun recruiter contest finishing up. Recruiters who contribute the most to the growth of 2313 Inc. over a seven month period will be flown to Southern California, and stay in a beautiful house in Laguna Beach! During the trip, recruiters will learn about personal development plays and time management from our Organization Development Manager, Stefanie.

“Top Gun is always a great time for leaders, and it brings in the best of the best trainers to grow,” said Ken Lear, Manager of 2313 Inc. “Every year has been a huge success, and this year will absolutely be a great time!”

2313 Inc. will also be doing some great activities at the beach: sunbathing, snorkeling, and paddle boarding. The trip will happen September 19th to 21st.

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5 of the Worst Excuses for Failure

2313 Inc Excuses

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Many employees always have an excuse ready when things don’t go their way. No one likes to admit that they have failed when things get rough. We turn to defensive measures to make sure that people know it was out of our hands with negative outcome. 2313 Inc. believes that identifying excuse making is the best way to learn how to take responsibility. Managers do not want their employees to give excuses. They look for team players that are willing to take responsibility and strive to do better. These are 5 of the worst excuses for not reaching your goals.

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“I’m trying my best.”

Everyone likes to say this but it’s usually not true.. By admitting you’re trying your very best, you put a cap on your potential. If you feel like you’ve reached the top of your abilities, it’s just a breaking point that can be overtaken with the right mindset. You can always be a better employee; striving to be great will take you to places you never knew you could reach.

“I just haven’t been myself lately.”

This is an excuse to never use. Most people that say this are just feeling lazy or unmotivated. Use this idea to become the self you’ve always wanted to be. We all go through phases where we may not be at our best, but that shouldn’t stop our capabilities. Look at why you have felt this way, and work toward fixing it.

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“It wasn’t my fault.”

No one likes to own up to his or her mistakes, so blaming it on someone else is usually our first though. Although it may be true, always be willing to admit that you accept responsibility. We can’t control the things that happen to us, especially when outside factors take part. However, we can show that we are willing to accept responsibility and do better next time.

“There’s too many people better than me.”

It’s common for those that have more knowledge or accomplished more things to intimate us. Never admit that your competition is better than you. They have done more things, or have more experience, but we can always showcase who has what it takes to succeed.

“That’s outside of my abilities.”

Whenever we lose sight of what we’re familiar with, we begin to get defensive. Our comfort zone is a nice and cozy place, but there is no room to grow. By taking some chances and doing things you’ve never done, you can find new things about yourself. You may even get better results than if you didn’t at least try.