5 Fun and Creative Team Bonding Ideas


Flickr CC via ijiwaru jimbo

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Team building doesn’t have to be something that employees dread or feel is “cheesy.” It’s important that employees learn to work well together, get to know one another, and feel they can count on each other. Try incorporating some of these activities into the workplace to help your team bond.

Lunch Discussions

Pick a day when everyone is free at lunch (no reports or meetings) and have a lunch discussions. Provide all employees who are participating with food from a local restaurant, and get everyone together in a room to chat. If your employees really don’t know each other, discussion topics or questions can be provided as well.

Work Book Clubs

Holding a work book club is a fun way for people to bond outside of the office. Ideally, the company would provide the book and a space for employees to meet once a month during lunch to discuss. Employees can take turns leading discussions every month.

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Sponsor Company Sports Leagues

Providing company sponsorship for sports teams or challenges for charities like 5Ks or fun runs are a great way for employees to bond and stay healthy.

Lunch and Learns

Lunch and Learn activities are when an outside speaker or an employee with an interest or particular knowledge meets with a group of employees to share information and their experience with it. These Lunch and Learns can be work related or about a particular hobby, and speakers are asked to make the session interactive to encourage team building.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is a simple icebreaker that doesn’t require a lot of time. Instead of making employees spend a whole day getting to know each other, set aside 30 minuets to play this game during an orientation or a happy hour event. Employees will have fun coming up with their two truths and a lie, and will also learn more about others.


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